A Message From The Principal


TERM 1 2024

Monday 11th March – Labor Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 13th March – Friday 15th March – Year 4 Camp

Wednesday 13th March – NAPLAN Year 3 & 5 Writing

Friday 15th March – NAPLAN Year 3 & 5 Reading

Monday 18th March – School Council AGM & Meeting 6.30pm

Tuesday 19th March – Parent Helper Information Session 9am – 10am PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE, NAPLAN Year 3 & 5 Language Conventions

Wednesday 20th March – NAPLAN Year 3 & 5 Numeracy

Thursday 21st March – Cross Country – Years 3 – 6

Friday 22nd March – Assembly 3pm

Tuesday 26th March – Girls Footy (Senior Students)

Wednesday 27th March – Lightning Premiership – Senior Students

Thursday 28th March – Last day of Term 1, 2.30pm

Friday 29th March – GOOD FRIDAY – School holidays

Please note – our Sentral Calendar will keep you updated with events as well as information posted in the newsletter.


On Monday 18th March at 5.30pm we will be holding our Prep 2025 Parent Information Session. During this session we will be introducing our new parents to Bellaire Primary School and the wonderful things that happen at our school. During this session we will also be running tours of the school.

If you are a current parent who has a child starting in 2025, you do not have to attend this information night if you do not wish to. We just ask our existing parents to complete enrolment forms that can be found on our website.

In addition to the information night, or if you are not able to attend the information sessions, we will also be holding school tours. We ask that you book into a school tour if you wish to attend.

Information night and Tours Google Form link – https://forms.gle/ZVFABkgsDksV2m9x5

SCHOOL COUNCIL AGM & MEETING – Monday 18th March, 6.30pm

On Monday 18th March we will be holding our School Council AGM and then the meeting of the new, 2024, School Council.

In our next newsletter we will be introducing our new School Council members and thank those who have given their time over numerous years on our School Council

NAPLAN – Year 3 & Year 5 students

As we approach the next few weeks, we want to let you know that our Year 3 and Year 5 students will be participating in the annual NAPLAN assessment, a standardised test undertaken by students across Australia. The NAPLAN test serves as a valuable tool in gauging the educational landscape nationwide, providing insights into student performance.

At Bellaire Primary School, we place importance on preparing our students for the NAPLAN test without compromising the essence of learning. While we address concerns related to the test design, it’s crucial to emphasise that we never solely “teach to the test.” Learning extends far beyond the confines of examination results.

True learning encompasses growth, personal achievements, friendships, and social interactions—elements that are not measured by NAPLAN. As our Year 3 and Year 5 students embark on their NAPLAN testing journey in the coming weeks, we extend our best wishes. However, it’s essential to recognise that the test is just one aspect of their academic journey, taking place on one particular day. It is not the sole indicator of their identity as learners.


Next Wednesday, Thursday and Friday our Year 4 students embark on their first two-night camp! We can wait to hear about their adventures!


We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who joined us for our Welcome Picnic. A special mention to Becks, the BPG team and Bellaire staff who helped make this event such a success. Thanks to your generosity and support, we were able to raise over $2,500 for our school community!

This year, our BPG fundraising efforts are directed towards a much needed cause: the installation of a shade sail for the senior playground. Our aim this year is to raise $10,000 through various fundraising events. If you’d like to help/volunteer in any way please reach out via the BPG Facebook page, we’d love to hear from you.

Upcoming Events:

  1. **Toasty Truck Tuesday/Open Classrooms**: Mark your calendars for April 16th! Treat yourself to a delicious toasty and/or coffee followed by a visit your child’s classroom. Enjoy catching up with fellow parents, teachers, and students. Details to be confirmed nearer the time.
  2. **June Social Catch-Up**: Calling all parents and carers! Join us for our biggest fundraiser event of the year for a social catch-up in June. This will be in lieu of our famous trivia night which we aim to do in alternative years. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with other members of our school community, share experiences, and foster friendships all whilst raising much needed funds for our school. More details to come!

Important Reminders:

**Hot Cross Bun Orders**: Don’t forget to place your orders for hot cross buns before March 20th using the QKR app (we also have a low gluten option). Indulge in these Easter delights whilst supporting our school fundraising efforts. They’ll be delivered to your child’s classroom on Monday 25th March.

Many thanks


Sharon, Tanya and Kaisee


Throughout 2024we will be working closely with The Resilience Project to support the wellbeing of our school community.

The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs and provides evidence-based, practical strategies to build resilience.

Our Partnership Program consists of online presentations and weekly lessons for students, professional development for staff, and Parent & Carer Hub (inc. digital presentations) for our parent and carer community.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing the Parent & Carer Hub with you. The videos are 5-10 minutes long and will walk through the key pillars of resilience: Gratitude, Empathy & Mindfulness. You’ll hear stories and be introduced to activities to show how these strategies can support our kids’ learning and development, and also support you as parents and carers.

This program is an important part of our school’s effort to look after the mental health of our community.

View the first presentation of the series here:

Part 1: Meet Martin and learn about The Resilience Project https://theresilienceproject.com.au/2023-parent-carer-hub-inspire-martin/

We will be in touch fortnightly to share the remainder of the program, including research and wellbeing activities to integrate into day to day life.

For mental health resources and support information, visit The Resilience Project’s Support Page.

MOBILE DEVICES – this includes phones and smart watches (policy found on our website)

We would just like to remind parents and carers of our Mobile Phone (devices) policy. This is in accordance with the Department of Education policy. Mobile phones and watches can be used to and from school but not while at school. Students / parents are not to contact parents or carers during school hours via their devices. If parents or students wish to communicate during the day we ask that all communication be undertaken via our school office.

*an excerpt of our policy –


This policy applies to:

  1. All students at Bellaire Primary School and,
  2. Students’ personal mobile phones and other personal mobile devices brought onto school premises during school hours, including recess and lunchtime.


A mobile phone is a telephone with access to a cellular (telecommunication) system, with or without a physical connection to a network. For the purpose of this policy, “mobile phone” refers to mobile phones and any device that may connect to or have a similar functionality to a mobile phone such as smart watches.


Bellaire Primary School understands that students may bring a personal mobile phone to school, particularly if they are travelling independently to and from school.

At Bellaire Primary School:

  • Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and securely stored during school hours
  • Exceptions to this policy may be applied if certain conditions are met (see below for further information)

When emergencies occur, parents or carers should reach their child by calling the school’s office.


Just a reminder to please use the two school crossings. We had a near miss yesterday when some students did not use the crossing on Bellevue Avenue. Please encourage your children to cross at the school crossings.


Please be aware that our yard is not supervised until 8.45am. There are a number of students who are arriving prior to 8.30am. If you need your child to arrive at school earlier than 8.45am, we have a wonderful OSHC program that runs in the morning for a very reasonable price.

The yard is only supervised until 3.45pm. Please note that we will never leave a child waiting at the front of the school, they will always be escorted to the office where you will then be contacted. If you know you have been held up for some reason please feel free to call the office to let us know.


Due to a clash, the Parent Helper Information Session will now be held on TUESDAY 19th MARCH 9am – 10am in the OSHC space.


This year, Bellaire is participating in a Harmony Week Whole School Initiative in week 8.

What the initiative entails: Identifying and celebrating kindness & inclusivity around our school

Junior School Council and School Captains will be on the lookout, over week 8, for students displaying kindness, being inclusive and encapsulating the Harmony Week message ‘Everyone Belongs’, every day at school.

School Captains or JSC will then present Harmony Week Certificates at Assembly (end of week 8) to students who have worked hard to be inclusive and shown the attitudes and characteristics of the ‘Everyone Belongs’ message at school.

A little more on Harmony Week:

Harmony Week is a celebration that recognises the diversity of all Australians. It looks to bring together people from culturally diverse backgrounds to recognise diversity and celebrate our differences.

In 2024, Harmony Week is celebrated from the 15th – 21st of March, and we hope to use this as a chance for our school and classrooms to celebrate multiculturalism.


Our students enjoy the wonderful programs run in OSHC. We are extremely lucky to have such an engaging program for our students.

  • Bookings for Term 3 and 4 will be open next week.
  • Please note that OSHC does not open until 7.30am. There have been a number of students being dropped off prior to 7.30am in the last week.

Some of the wonderful things that have been happening in OSHC this week!

Free Craft Friday and making Rocky Road – led by the Year 6 students.

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

Canteen News

Scholastic – Book Club

Students of the Week – Term 1, Week 5


  • PHM Tom C

  • PED Nora A

  • PMF Vera S

  • PTM Lexi P


  • 1AL Frankie T

  • 1CN Finn K

  • 1CB Max L

  • 1JB Joseph P

  • 2RN Bonnie A

  • 2TC Sepehr B

  • 2EP Elena J

  • 2BG Stevie H


  • 3KE Ilya K

  • 3LM Ted S

  • 3EL Jasper L

  • 3JG Atenea V

  • 3BL Emmanuel C

  • 4AT Connor P

  • 4EC Cameron K

  • 4GM Megan K

  • 4SM Piper L


  • 5DD Olive B

  • 5HH Finn D

  • 5DJ Lexie M

  • 5LD Mikaylah H

  • 6GD Reem A

  • 6KO Clara D

  • 6ZP Arlo M

  • 6AC Paniya R

Students of the Week – Term 1, Week 6


  • PHM Ella M

  • PED Vedder E

  • PMF Felix L

  • PTM Jack D


  • 1AL Violet M

  • 1CN Gisele B

  • 1CB Zac B

  • 1JB Ruby S

  • 2RN Alexander S

  • 2TC Billie D

  • 2EP Xavier P

  • 2BG Deklyn C


  • 3KE Katana T

  • 3LM Erica H

  • 3EL Ginger T

  • 3JG Raf K

  • 3BL Ariana K

  • 4AT Roxie J

  • 4EC Isla S

  • 4GM Leroy R

  • 4SM Lilliana L


  • 5DD Eva A

  • 5HH Aara P

  • 5DJ Harry L

  • 5LD Eibhe K

  • 6GD Lucas W

  • 6KO Elli C

  • 6ZP Iyah C

  • 6AC Tom P

Students of the Week – Specialist

PE: Violet M (1AL) & Tate G (PHM) French: Eva A (5DD) & Darcy C (PTM)  ART: Jack K (6KO) & Audrey S (6KO) STEAM: Bailey E (6KO) & Ash W (6KO)