Here, you’ll find a collection of policies that have been developed in collaboration with the Department of Education, our dedicated school council, and through community consultation. These guidelines reflect our commitment to maintaining a secure, inclusive, and thriving educational environment. They encompass a variety of areas, from academics to well-being and behaviour, all designed to foster growth, respect, and excellence.

Child Safe Standards Policies

Child safety and wellbeing at Bellaire Primary School: information for families and the school community

Bellaire Primary School is committed to providing a child safe and child friendly environment, where students are safe and feel safe.

The following child safety and wellbeing policies outline the measures and strategies we have in place to support, promote and maintain the safety and wellbeing of our students: Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy, Child Safety Code of Conduct, Child safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedure, Complaints Policy, Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy, Bullying Prevention Policy, Volunteers Policy, Visitors Policy, Digital Learning Policy

As valuable partners in promoting and maintaining child safety and wellbeing at Bellaire Primary School we welcome and encourage your feedback.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions in relation to our child safe policies and practices, please contact a member of our school’s leadership team.

Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

Child Safety Code of Conduct

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations Policy and Procedures

Action Plan – Aboriginal Learning, Wellbeing and Safety

Working with Children Clearance Register Procedure

Child Safety Induction Pack – Volunteers