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DATES FOR TERM 4 – lots on but important to know! All of these dates can be found on Sentral

  • Monday 11th December – Friday 15th December – Year 4 Bike Education
  • Monday 11th December – Parent helper / Volunteer Morning Tea 11am OSHC space
  • Tuesday 12th December – Statewide Transition Day – classes for 2024 – DRESS: Touch of Christmas
  • Wednesday 13th December – Year 6 Graduation
  • Thursday 14th December – Year 3 Excursion, Year 1 and Year 2 Excursion
  • Monday 18th December – Reports released, Year 6 Excursion
  • Tuesday 19th December – LAST DAY OF TERM 4 for students NORMAL 3.30pm FINISH TIME, Year 5 excursion, last assembly to farewell the Year 6 students at 3.10pm
  • Wednesday 20th December – Curriculum Day – please note OSHC will NOT be operating


  • Monday 29th January – Statewide teachers first day
  • Tuesday 30th January – Bellaire Curriculum Day – OSHC will be operating
  • Wednesday 31st January – First day for all students


Every year I have the pleasure of announcing the School and House Captains. We had 41 wonderful students who presented speeches to the Year Four and Five students for the role of School Captain and even more who presented speeches to the Year Three, Four and Five students for the role of House Captain. Each student had the opportunity to vote as well as the teachers and school leadership team.

As well as being proud to announce the roles I also know how disappointing it can be for some students. It is important that every student remembers that although not every student can be a School or House Captain leadership does not only mean wearing a badge, but it is also through actions. We have so many wonderful and caring leaders in our school.  We are proud of all our students who stood up in front of their peers and teachers and presented excellent speeches, we were extremely impressed and proud of them.

As well as School and House Captains we have many other leadership roles throughout our school, including Junior School Council.

Today, at the conclusion of the Colour Run our School and House Captains for 2024 were announced. They will be presented with their badges on the final day of school for 2023.


On Tuesday 12th December we encourage the students to wear casual dress with a ‘touch’ of Christmas. On this day they will spend a two-hour block meeting their teacher for 2024 and their class members. The teachers have put hours into establishing the classes for 2024, including using the students ‘friendship hand’ they completed in class to ensure they have a friend of their choice in their class.


We still have a number of exciting excursions for our students prior to the end of the school year. Please see your year level weekly update for further information.



Camp Kangaroobie left me speechless in the best way possible. Arriving Monday at lunchtime, everyone was feeling excited and ready for the adventure. We found our cabins and got set up before we started doing fun filled activities. These activities included Farm, The game of life or death, the obstacle course, Survivor and canoeing. Now as fun as all of this sounds, one stood out the most to students, The Obstacle Course. You went through a series of challenging obstacles, getting yourself more and more dirty. By the end, you were covered in thick mud and dirt on your knees. Coming back to the camp, everyone was tired and hungry. When dinner time came around, the food did not disappoint. First night having Spaghetti Bolognese that made you want more, and to top it all off dessert was apple crumble with homemade whipped cream.

Waking up the next morning, everyone was tired but felt eager to get outside and continue their activities. The sun was shining, and the wind was still, it was the perfect day. Once afternoon hit, everyone got ready to go on a beach walk. We went down to the river and had to get a raft across, and then we began our long, hot walk. When we got there, we got the option to swim in the river, which was exactly what I did. Swimming and making sandcastles in sunshine, and even playing a game of Mugby in sand. When we got back, everyone rushed to the showers, before dinner, which was meat pie with veggies, and wow. It was so good, the meat was delicious and the pastry was golden. Desert was sticky date pudding, which was incredible, it was so sweet but not too sweet, topped with whipped cream. During free time, we had the option to go watch a Christmas movie, or you could play outside. When I got into bed that night, I fell asleep so quick!

When waking up the next morning, we realized it was the last day. We had breakfast which was cereal and pancakes. We were which to go to activities, which for me was canoeing. When we came back, we had to quickly get changed from being soaked and when we came back the buses were about to arrive. Leaving Camp Kangaroobie, we were happy to go home, but also wishing we had more time.

We can not thank out Parent helpers enough. Brendan, Tamara, Bronwyn and Caroline, thank you for coming on camp and spending time with us. Thank you to all the teachers, especially Miss McNeill for organising this fantastic camp.

Harris F.


Reflections from our students –

Yesterday we went to the YMCA. We shot a basketball into the hoop. We also played mystery tag. We also did gymnastics and we got to go in the foam pit. We had so much fun.

I was playing basketball. I almost scored a goal. The Preps were cheering. I jumped in the pit. The preps were dancing in the bus.


On Wednesday we will be moving furniture throughout the school. This is in preparation for the beginning of 2024. We are moving 20 classrooms on Wednesday from after recess. Students will be grouped together and do craft / watch a movie under staff supervision while other staff are assisting with the furniture move. Students will remain in their current classroom until the last day, even with different furniture.

On the last Monday and Tuesday of the school year students will be undertaking activities around cleaning up the classrooms and school in preparation for the end of the school year.


Over the Summer holidays we will be undertaking a regeneration on the school oval.

We will send out one final newsletter prior to the end of the school year.

Suzanne Prendergast

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