A Message From The Principal

DATES FOR TERM 4 – lots on but important to know! All of these dates can be found on Sentral

The Prep – Year 2 students had a wonderful day for their athletic sports carnival last week. There were lots of excited students, fun had, beautiful weather and lots of families in attendance. Thank you to Ms Kymantas for her organisation and running of the day, the teachers for their assistance and we had a number of our wonderful Year 6 and some Year 5 students helping run the events. The students did an amazing job with assisting and making the day special for the younger students.

  • Monday 27th November – Final School Council meeting of 2023
  • Tuesday 28th November – Transition session #1
  • Wednesday 29th November – School Captain and House Captain speeches
  • Thursday 30th November – Year 5 FUNTASTIC FAIR 11.30 – 1.30pm
  • Friday 1st December – STUDENT FREE DAY
  • Monday 4th December – Wednesday 6th December – Year 5 Camp
  • Monday 4th December – Prep Excursion
  • Thursday 7th December – Transition Session #2
  • Friday 8th December – BELLAIRE COLOUR EXPLOSION! School Captains 2024 Announced
  • Monday 11th December – Friday 15th December – Year 4 Bike Education
  • Tuesday 12th December – Statewide Transition Day – classes for 2024 – DRESS – Touch of Christmas
  • Wednesday 13th December – Year 6 Graduation
  • Thursday 14th December – Year 3 Excursion, Year 1 and Year 2 Excursion
  • Monday 18th December – Reports released, Year 6 Excursion
  • Tuesday 19th December – LAST DAY OF TERM 4 for students NORMAL 3.30pm FINSIH TIME, Year 5 excursion
  • Wednesday 20th December – Curriculum Day – please note OSHC will NOT be operating


  • Monday 29th January – State wide teachers first day
  • Tuesday 30th January – Bellaire Curriculum Day – OSHC will be operating
  • Wednesday 31st December – First day for all students



For Inquiry the year 5 students have been learning about businesses. They have worked hard to create their own businesses and products. They will be selling them at the Funtastic Fair on Thursday the 30th of November. All year levels will have an allocated time slot to browse the stalls and make a purchase if they wish. There are food items available, all ingredients have been listed on the products. The fair will be held between the buildings on the astroturf- weather permitting.

Thank you,

Year 5 Teachers


On Wednesday the 22nd of November, the Bellaire A Debating team versed Chilwell Primary School Team A, in an intense Semi-final debate. The topic for the debate was, ‘Internet access should be free’ and Bellaire were arguing the affirmative side. Although Bellaire tried really hard, unfortunately we lost by 3 points. It was a fun experience for both teams. At the end we all shook hands with a smile. Thank you Miss Jacobs for coaching us and all the support. Debating has been so fun and thank you everyone for helping us and our parents and families for cheering us on. We wish the next year of debaters lots of luck.

Cassia and Heath Year 6


Next week we begin our transition for 2024. For the next two weeks the students will spend time in the new learning area and meet the teachers. They will not find out who their teacher is until the 12th December. In next weeks session the teachers will go through a slideshow all about that year level. This slideshow will contain specific information about that year level, this slideshow will then be sent home for families to view as well.

On Tuesday 12th December we encourage the students to wear casual dress with a ‘touch’ of Christmas. On this day they will spend a two-hour block meeting their teacher for 2024 and their class members. The teachers have put hours into establishing the classes for 2024, including using the students ‘friendship hand’ they completed in class to ensure they have a friend of their choice in their class.


As we head towards the end of the year, we begin the process of preparing our Year 5 students for student leadership in 2024.

In Week 9, students will present their speeches to students and staff, who will all cast their votes for the following positions for 2024.

School and House Captains will be announced at the conclusion of the Colour Run on Friday 8th December.


We have lots of excursions planned, every year level will undertake and excursion prior to the end of the year. Each year level will have information for the excursions in their weekly updates.


Thank you for your wonderful efforts in raising money for our school. If you have raised some money, then please be reminded that the prize ordering closes on Friday 24th November. I have no exact date for the prizes will be arriving, however will let families know in the near future.

For the Colour Explosion event on Friday December 8th, students will need to wear a white T-shirt and some shorts they are prepared to have coloured. No school uniform, including hats, are to be worn during the event. We ask that no technology is brought to school on that day. Parents are invited to attend the Colour Explosion from 1pm onwards and enjoy the day. Lunch orders will run as normal from the canteen. I will release a schedule shortly about when your child/ren will be running. Students will spend approximately 15 minutes on the course.

Scott Canny

PE Teacher


Next Monday is our final School Council meeting of 2023. We have a wonderful School Council who contribute to the decision-making process regarding the school finances, policies and buildings as grounds and the Principal Team is always grateful for their insight and support. I would like to thank each member of the School Council for their hard work this year.


With planning for 2024 now well underway, we are fortunate to have a very stable staffing profile despite the Statewide workforce shortages. In 2024 Mr Whiteside and Mr Piazza will be taking a year away from Bellaire PS and we wish the very best in their endeavours next year. Mrs Jenkins will be teaching at Clifton Springs PS in 2024 and returning in 2025. Mrs Elodie McClelland will be leaving us and joining the staff at Hamlyn Banks Primary School, we wish her the very best for the future.

Next year we welcome Miss Alanah Carrol, an experienced teacher who is coming to us from St Leonards Primary School. We also welcome back Mrs Georgia Dawson (Nichols).

*Team Leaders are at the top of the list

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Canteen – Last Day for 2023

Special Lunch Day

Canteen Thank You

We would like to sincerely thank all the school families who have supported the school canteen over this year.

With much appreciation and gratitude, Liana, Leanne and Jenny wish to thank all the parents who have sacrificed their own time to help us in the canteen this year.

A special “thankyou” to  Kylie Campbell, Priscilla Swiger & Liza Thoppil whose last child(ren) are moving onto high school next year and who have helped in the school canteen for many years!.  We will miss your help enormously and wish you and your family all the very best for your high school chapter.

To all our Bellaire families have a well deserved break.

The Bellaire Canteen will reopen for 2024 on Wednesday 31 January.

With Kind Regards and Merry Christmas,

Jenny Page
Canteen Manager

Time Capsule

Last week, the Junior School Council dug up the Bellare 2013 Time Capsule that was due to be opened in 2023. Encased in the capsule were artifacts from the 2013 School Captains, Principal Jane Warren, and the broader Bellaire community. Most of these artifacts were loaded onto a USB and have been transferred to Google Drive, accessible via the link below. All original, hard copy artifacts have been collated into a display by Junior School Councillors, and this will be placed in the school office for families to see and enjoy.


Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Breathing Exercises 

When we breathe slowly and deeply, it helps us to feel calm and relaxed. Breathing exercises work best when they are practised regularly so that deep breathing comes more naturally when we need to calm ourselves down in a stressful situation.  

Breathing exercises don’t need to be fancy! It can be as simple as closing your eyes and taking three deep belly breaths. Sometimes, children prefer to visualise a shape or action to help them practise deep breathing. You may like to help your child explore breathing exercises using the visualisations below. 

Amy Sier


Community News

I Can School Holiday Program

Regional Parenting Service

Term 1 Calendar 2024

Uniting Book Sale

Students of the Week – Term 4, Week 7


  • PHM Xavier G

  • PHH Archie W

  • PMF Liam W

  • PTM Hamish I


  • 1TS Faiza M

  • 1EM Xavier M

  • 1LS Elena J

  • 1CB Wren C

  • 2SK Jacob E

  • 2DP Aya B

  • 2JB Apollo G

  • 2EP Amelia L

  • 2CN Stella S


  • 3AW Lily A

  • 3BL Anna M

  • 3LD Luke C

  • 3KE Isla S

  • 4AT Madelyn K

  • 4EC Sammy S

  • 4JG Isla N

  • 4TC Tim N


  • 5DD Milene V

  • 5DJ Layni J

  • 5ED Clara D

  • 5GM Archie S

  • 6JB Isabel K

  • 6KO Yangyang X

  • 6ZP Sirvan M

  • 6LM Sara E

  • 6RN Arlii H

Students of the Week – Term 4, Week 8


  • PHM Albie N

  • PHH Frankie T

  • PMF Grace W

  • PTM Evie F


  • 1TS Hazel P

  • 1EM Zoe B

  • 1LS Parker R

  • 1CB Harper E

  • 2SK Ally T

  • 2DP Anjali P

  • 2JB Ilya K

  • 2EP Lilly W

  • 2CN Penelope F


  • 3AW Gabriel M

  • 3BL Zara H

  • 3LD Olive P

  • 3KE Gracie K

  • 4AT Harriett A

  • 4EC Isla R

  • 4JG Jay T

  • 4TC Alexander F


  • 5DD Zohan B

  • 5DJ Mia S

  • 5ED Bailey E

  • 5GM Amy B

  • 6JB Lillian C

  • 6KO Ollie L

  • 6ZP Lenny A

  • 6LM Maddison O

  • 6RN Zahli B

Students of the Week – Specialist

PE: Evelyn M (2EP) & Maive M (5DJ)  French: Billie B (2SK) & Willa C (1LS)  ART: Harleen S (4AT) & Xanthe G (6ZP) & Marley P (6JB)  STEAM: Pia A (1TS) & Jet H-F (3AW)