A Message From The Assistant Principal

I hope this newsletter finds you well. As we move through the month of August, I am pleased to share with you some exciting updates from our school community.

Mrs. Prendergast’s Return

I am delighted to inform you that Mrs. Prendergast has successfully undergone the much-needed surgery last week and is now on her way to a full recovery. We eagerly welcome her back into the fold next Wednesday.

Congratulations to Mrs Hawkins

Our school’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Coordinator, Mrs. Casey Hawkins, along with her husband Jake, welcomed a new addition to their family. On Tuesday afternoon they introduced their daughter, Augie Rose Hawkins, weighing 3.4 kilograms, into the world. Mother and baby are both reported to be in good health. We extend our congratulations to the Hawkins family on this special occasion.

Year 6 Melbourne Camp

The Year 6 camp to Melbourne was last week and it was a resounding success. Thanks for the collaborative efforts of our dedicated staff, enthusiastic students, and supportive parent helpers who attended.

Lunch Time Clubs’ Success

Our lunchtime clubs have been a resounding success! It’s wonderful to observe so many students engaging in creative activities during our lunch break times. See below some of our Prep students doing some Lego building during their lunch club. A big shout out to some of our remarkable Year 5 girls who ran this particular club. They have shown exceptional dedication in organising materials and projects suitable for each year level they work with. Your efforts exemplify the spirit of the school community and student voice.

National Science Week Celebration

This week we celebrate National Science Week, which provides us with the opportunity to showcase and share the incredible work our students do, both within their classrooms, and during their STEAM specialist lessons. We are so fortunate to have such skilled and passionate STEAM teachers, Mrs Gilroy, Mrs Strachan, and Mr Tagliante (Mr T) who do amazing things with our students. As a school we value the role that science plays in our lives and aim to embrace the excitement of science and exploration as much as possible.

A word from Mr T:

Join Us for Science Week at Bellaire Primary! This week, we’re diving into the world of science with a range of captivating STEAM projects. Take a peek at our students in action: launching slingshot cars to understand forces, designing inventive creations using TinkerCAD, coding LEGO trains for a digital adventure, exploring environmental impact through Freddy the Fish’s tale, and mastering engineering and buoyancy with foil boat experiments. These photos capture the essence of our students’ hands-on learning and boundless curiosity during this exciting week of scientific exploration.

Student Shout Out

A special shout out to Mason B in Year 1 for demonstrating kindness and empathy. Mason noticed an injured and distressed possum on our school grounds. With the assistance of Grace, one of our Integration Aides, they promptly coordinated efforts to have the injured possum cared for. Such acts of compassion and responsibility embody the values we strive to develop in our students.

Upcoming Book Week

Next week, we are thrilled to celebrate Book Week, with the theme this year being “Read, Grow, Inspire.” This is an opportunity for our students, as well as our teachers, to immerse themselves in the joy of reading and storytelling. We encourage all to participate in our parade by dressing up as their favourite book characters. Weather permitting, the parade will take place on the blue basketball court as follows:

  • 9:00 AM: Prep – Year 2 students
  • 10:00 AM: Years 3 – 6 students

Parents are warmly invited to join us and share in the festive spirit of the event.

As always, thank you for your continued support in making our school community a fantastic place to be.

Celebrating Bellaire Nude Food Day!

I’m excited to recognize Isobel G in Year 5 for her remarkable dedication to organising Bellaire Nude Food Day on Wednesday 13th September (last week of school). Isobel’s proactive efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of ‘Nude Food’ are truly commendable.

Isobel would like to communicate the following:

Did you know that when it rains, rainwater flushes litter down our drains, which goes into oceans and waterways?

The Bellaire Nude Food Day will be held on Wednesday the 13th of September. We encourage all students to bring no plastic in their lunch boxes so we can reduce the amount of plastic litter at Bellaire. Eliminating plastic from your lunch box will improve the cleanliness of our school, clean up the local waterways and provide students with healthy nutritional food to eat.

Isobel’s initiative reminds us that small actions, like avoiding plastic, can have a big impact on our environment.

Join me in applauding Isobel’s commitment and let’s all embrace Bellaire Nude Food Day with enthusiasm.

Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Whole School News

Bellaire Parents Group Update

Porter Ave Pies and Cakes Pie Drive Fundraiser 

We are pleased to launch our fundraiser for this term in collaboration with our wonderful neighbours Porter Ave Pie and Cakes.  Get footy finals and school holidays ready with some delicious items on offer – Family Pies, Party packs (sausage rolls and party pies), Family Apple Pie, Hedgehog and lemon slice- something yummy for everyone!  Porter Ave are kindly donating some proceeds from each item sold back to the school and we are hoping to use the money towards some celebrations for the students at the end of the year.

Orders can be placed via QkR now and will close on Friday 1st of September- so be quick.

Please make a note of the delivery dates for orders – this will be split over 2 days in the last week of term to make it easier for all involved.  We will receive the orders close to the end of the school day and will deliver items to the classrooms. The school will not be able to offer any refrigeration.

Delivery dates:


Grade 3- 6 – THURSDAY 14th SEPTEMBER

We will be putting a call out for volunteers to help distribute on these delivery dates so please keep an eye on our BPG Facebook page if you are able to help.  Thanks for your support!

Beleza Uniform Shop

Mud Kitchen Appeal

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Fostering Child Resilience: A Practical Approach

To nurture resilience in children, combine adult modelling with skill-building. An effective method is guiding them to independently solve problems:

  • Identify the Issue: Help children define the problem they face, promoting understanding.
  • Collaborative Ideas: Reflect on past experiences and/or similar situations to brainstorm solutions together.
  • Evaluate Options: Assess pros and cons of each solution, considering fairness and safety.
  • Empower Decision Making and Take Action: Allow the child choose the best solution and try it out. Allow children the opportunity to implement the chosen solution (this is great for hands-on learning).
  • Review Outcome: Discuss the results, highlighting lessons, regardless of success.
  • Celebrate or Adapt: Commend achievements or revise strategies as needed.

This approach equips children with problem-solving skills and resilience, bolstering their confidence and adaptability.

Amy Sier



We are changing our software for OSHC, so we ask that all current OSHC families please re-enrol.

Please also find the link below for our new OSHC Payment and Fees Policy.

Payment of Fees & Bookings.docx (bellaireps.vic.edu.au)

We thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact the office, or Kirsty at OSHC.

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 5


  • PHM Daman R

  • PHH Linnea C

  • PMF Finn K

  • PTM Joseph P


  • 1TS Akshar P

  • 1EM Matilda F

  • 1LS Elena L

  • 1CB Noah B

  • 2SK Julian G

  • 2DP Ayla W

  • 2JB Oliver M

  • 2EP Viggo L

  • 2CN Stevie W


  • 3AW Tarli D

  • 3BL Isla C

  • 3LD Olive P

  • 3KE Ollie B

  • 4AT Raphael L

  • 4EC Ned T

  • 4JG Owen L

  • 4TC Tim N


  • 5DD Madi C

  • 5DJ Charlotte M

  • 5ED Sunky C

  • 5GM Archie S

  • 6JB Marley P

  • 6KO Owen M

  • 6ZP Xanthe G

  • 6LM Ellie G

  • 6RN Jack J

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 6


  • PHM Layla T

  • PHH Ruby S

  • PMF Shaurya C

  • PTM Violet M


  • 1TS Xavier P

  • 1EM Mackenzie M

  • 1LS Frida J

  • 1CB Lottie E

  • 2SK Otis V

  • 2DP Emma M

  • 2JB Baxter S

  • 2EP Arie D

  • 2CN Cooper G


  • 3AW Jet H-F

  • 3BL Toby V

  • 3LD Liam M

  • 3KE Cassidy L

  • 4AT Bella S

  • 4EC Keira W

  • 4JG Sam M

  • 4TC Mitch M


  • 5DD Gilbert P

  • 5DJ Layni J

  • 5ED Audrey S

  • 5GM Trace L

  • 6JB Mussa B

  • 6KO Chloe P

  • 6ZP Malin S

  • 6LM Teal L

  • 6RN Yusef A

Specialist Awards

STEAM: Emilia P (1EM) & Taura B (3LD)

FRENCH: Oneli D (3BL) & Matilda L (6LM)

ART: Hayley P (4TC) & Sirvan M (6ZP)

PE: Eibhe K (4AT) & Xavier K (PTM)