A Message From The Principal

Welcome back to Term 3!

We hope everyone had a fantastic holiday break and managed to stay warm during the winter months. As we begin this new term, I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Mr. Ben Raidme for his exceptional work as Acting Principal in my absence. It was truly reassuring to know that the school was in excellent hands with Ben and Abbey leading our dedicated staff and wonderful students. I am grateful for their hard work and commitment.

I am delighted to be back and eager to embark on a fantastic Term 3 together. We have an exciting lineup of events and activities planned for our students. Two camps are on the horizon, offering our students the opportunity to engage in valuable outdoor learning experiences, build friendships, and create lasting memories.

Additionally, our Year 1 and 2 students will be participating in a swimming program, where they will develop their water safety skills and enhance their confidence in the water. This program provides an excellent opportunity for our young learners to grow and thrive in a supportive and enjoyable environment.

One of the highlights of this term will undoubtedly be our school concert. Our talented students have been working hard to prepare an entertaining and captivating performance. The concert showcases their creativity, passion, and dedication, and we look forward to celebrating their achievements with our school community.

In addition to these major events, we have a range of exciting learning opportunities and initiatives planned throughout the term. Our dedicated teachers have prepared engaging lessons that will challenge and inspire our students to reach their full potential. We remain committed to fostering a love of learning and providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for every child.

I am thrilled to be back and eager to continue working with our amazing students, dedicated staff, and supportive families. Let us make this Term 3 a memorable one filled with growth, achievement, and joy.

I would like to take a moment to apologise for my absence at today’s school assembly. As some of you may be aware, Link and I are currently in Melbourne, undertaking our Therapy Dog recertification. This important process ensures that Link continues to meet the necessary standards to provide support and companionship to our students. Link’s presence has brought immense comfort, joy, and emotional support to many students, and ensuring his certification is up to date is vital.

Thank you for your understanding.

Here’s to a wonderful term ahead!



  • Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July – Year 1 & Year 2 Swimming Program
  • Thursday 27th July – Friday 28th July – Year 3 Camp
  • Friday 28th July – District Athletics (selected students only)
  • Monday 31st July – Prep 100 Days Celebration, School Council Meeting 6.30pm
  • Friday 4th August – Assembly 3pm (outside), 3.15pm (if the weather is too cold or wet)
  • Monday 7th August– Wednesday 9th August – Year 6 Camp
  • Friday 11th August – Prep Excursion
  • Friday 18th August – Assembly 3pm (outside), 3.15pm (if the weather is too cold or wet)
  • Friday 25th August – BOOK WEEK DRESS UP
  • Friday 1st September – Assembly 3pm (outside), 3.15pm (if the weather is too cold or wet)
  • Monday 4th September – School Council Meeting 6.30pm
  • Thursday 7th September – BELLAIRE SCHOOL CONCERT
  • Friday 8th September – Curriculum Day
  • Friday 15th September – LAST DAY OF TERM 3, Footy Colours Day, 2.30pm FINISH Assembly 2pm (or 2.15pm)

Throughout our newsletters we will be updating you on information happening in the school and celebrating achievements of our students and community. Individual teams will provide you with information specifically targeted to your child / children’s year levels.


This term we will be continuing to run our lunch time clubs and passive play group. The timetable has been shared on Seesaw and is displayed throughout the school.


Congratulations to the 17 students who have already completed the challenge!

You have until 8th September to complete the challenge and lodge all books by using your personalised login and password.

Please see below the amount of books required.

Prep to Year 2

  • Number of books: 30
  • Number of books from the Challenge book list: 20 or more

Year 3 to Year 6

  • Number of books: 15
  • Number of books from the Challenge book list: 10 or more


Lauren Rau will be holding the last Parent Induction Session for 2023 on Wednesday 26th July.

This will be held in the OSHC room at 9am. It will run for approximately 20-30 minutes.

If you wish to be a parent helper during Term 3 or 4, it is compulsory that you complete the induction and fill in all required paperwork.

This also applies to grandparents who wish to be a helper.

CHANGES TO NAPLAN REPORTING – information from the Department of Education via the school

Ahead of NAPLAN results for students being released, we are writing to inform you of some changes to this year’s reporting. These are changes being introduced nationally by the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

NAPLAN will continue to measure student achievement in numeracy, reading, writing, spelling, and grammar and punctuation but the results will now be presented in 4 proficiency levels:

These are:

  • exceeding
  • strong
  • developing
  • needs additional support.

This change will give schools, parents and carers clearer information that details student achievement against new proficiency levels.

Students’ NAPLAN reports will continue to show how they are tracking against their peers and provide an indication of their skill levels against national averages and where we would expect them to be in order to get the most out of schooling. This provides valuable information to teachers about how we can continue to support your child.

Each set of NAPLAN results is an important milestone but it’s also important that students know that one result does not define them – these results are about making sure every student gets the support they need so they can continue to get the best from their learning.

When we provide you with your results, you will also receive information about what the new proficiency levels mean.

Please be aware that with these changes it also means that results can in no way be compared to previous results that have been received.

Students from Grade 3 and Grade 5 will be bringing their NAPLAN results home with them today.


Congratulations to Essence W who has been selected to represent Victoria at the inline hockey National Championships. We wish her all the best. Her family have contacted us and if anyone is able to support the family to send Essence to the event please see the link below.



We made families aware yesterday that we have been informed of a suspicious car in the Highton schools area. Learning about safety is something that we speak about at school however we would encourage you to have a conversation with your child/ren about the topic as well. Here is some information from the Health Direct website –


Staying safe with strangers

Here are some tips you can give to young children to help them stay safe from strangers:

  • Strangers are people you don’t know. Most strangers are good people. But you don’t have to always trust or believe an adult.
  • If a stranger wants to talk to you, always check with your parents first.
  • Strangers may make up stories or offer treats to make you go with them. Never go with a stranger — no matter what they say. Never, ever, get in a car with a stranger.
  • If you are on your own, always stay somewhere busy and well-lit where other people can see you.
  • Make sure your parents or carers always know where you are.
  • Sometimes you might need to talk to a stranger for help, for example if you are lost. Look for a mum with children or go into a shop, police station, service station, library or school.
  • If someone is following you or grabs you, scream for help as loud as you can. Shout ‘Go away, I don’t know you’ so other people will understand.

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Important Message From The Canteen

Unfortunately over the last two weeks there has been a significant increase in students not having any morning tea/lunch. This is placing a strain on our canteen volunteer parent helpers, staff and students awaiting in line for their ice cream pickup at lunchtime.

Suggestion that parents are the ones doing the ordering not the student.  Alternatively if you have chosen your child to do the order on QKR that you supervise or check it to ensure it is ordered properly and clicked on the right day. All orders close strictly at 9a.m on the day of the order. (They can be done two weeks in advance or try the night before)

This will ensure your child is not upset by not having their order. Our food is prepared on an order system only.

If a bill is sent home payment will be required to the office by cash or credit card the next day , the canteen is not a free food service.

If your child is absent on the day simply cancel the order using the cancel button (refer below) as long as it is made prior to 9a.m on the day ,your account will go back into credit for the next order.

All morning teas need to be ordered in the separate morning tea section on QKR not the lunch section.

Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Jenny Page
Canteen Manager

Scholastic Book Club

Please order by Friday 28th July via the LOOP link below.

Beleza School Uniforms

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Upcoming Events

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Community News

ArtistiCat Online Art Classes

Uniting Barwon Book Sale

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 1


  • PHM Archie F

  • PHH Krishvi P

  • PMF Abtin G

  • PTM Fergus M


  • 1TS Pia A

  • 1EM Theo M

  • 1LS Mason B

  • 1CB Grace D

  • 2SK Max M

  • 2DP Aya B

  • 2JB Sam W

  • 2EP Jobe A

  • 2CN Max T


  • 3AW Elena P

  • 3BL Duncan C

  • 3LD Jasmine D

  • 3KE Paige S

  • 4AT Heath M

  • 4EC Essence W

  • 4JG Felix E

  • 4TC Logan L


  • 5DD Summer C

  • 5DJ George M

  • 5ED Elli C

  • 5GM Ella L

  • 6JB Mienna O

  • 6KO Harry S

  • 6ZP KIani S

  • 6LM Layla E

  • 6RN Finnian S

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 2


  • PHM Xavier G

  • PHH Evin P

  • PMF Liam W

  • PTM Evie F


  • 1TS Bowie H

  • 1EM Sarah K

  • 1LS Alexander S

  • 1CB Billy S

  • 2SK Levi M

  • 2DP Emmanuel C

  • 2JB Ari H

  • 2EP Jasper C

  • 2CN Tex R


  • 3AW Marli C

  • 3BL Zoe M

  • 3LD Braxton H

  • 3KE Willa R

  • 4AT Bloom C

  • 4EC Finn D

  • 4JG Anna N

  • 4TC Will A


  • 5DD Owen R

  • 5DJ Ethan D

  • 5ED Elizabeth H

  • 5GM Arlo M

  • 6JB Quinn W

  • 6KO Maya L

  • 6ZP Kendall M

  • 6LM Jake VB

  • 6RN Tina M