A Message From The Assistant Principal

Term 2 Reflection

As we come to the end of Term 2, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the wide range of events and initiatives that have taken place during these past few months. With our already busy teaching and learning schedule, and despite it being a ‘short’ term, it’s no wonder that everyone is feeling a little tired.

  • Our students have had the privilege of participating in many excursions and incursions, including the Discovery Dome, Urban Upcycle, Healthy Heroes, Parliament, Sovereign Hill, History Box, Bravehearts, and Fire Safe programs. These experiences have provided invaluable opportunities for our students to expand their knowledge, explore new concepts, and engage with fun activities beyond the classroom.
  • Throughout the term, our school has also participated in various whole-school sports events, and we are proud of the dedication and skills displayed by our students who represented us in district-level sports competitions.
  • Our school community came together to commemorate several nationally-recognised events. We observed Reconciliation Week, which provided opportunities for meaningful discussions, cultural activities, and reflection on our shared history. Additionally, Education Week highlighted the outstanding contributions of our students, staff, and community, reinforcing our commitment to ‘Aim High’ as a school.
  • We were able to reintroduce the Story Dogs program into Year 2 classrooms, promoting a love for reading to our students. Major, our canine friend, works with a group of students to create a nurturing and engaging environment for literacy development.
  • In addition to our regular busy schedule, we successfully navigated through two public holidays, and our dedicated teachers worked diligently on writing and preparing student reports, ensuring parents and guardians receive valuable insights into their child’s progress.

The array of events and initiatives reflects the commitment, passion, and collaboration of our entire school community. We commend our staff, students, and families for their active involvement and unwavering support of Bellaire PS.

Other Updates:

Cross Country

Special mention to the three students who competed in the Regional Cross Country. Congratulations to Sam Mc (45/89) and Mitch Mc (86/89) in the 9/10 Boys 2km Cross Country, as well as Charlotte M (53/89) in the 11-year Girls 3km Cross Country.

Jack J – Sailing Prodigy

Jack J from 3LB is off to Belgium to represent Australia in the Junior World Sailing Championships. At just 8 years old, he’s already competed in two world championships. Let’s cheer for Jack as he takes on this incredible opportunity! Go Jack, go!

Student Shout Out

Shout out to Lottie E in Year 1 for her dedication in cleaning up the sandpit equipment every day after school without being told. Lottie ensures everything is well-organised and looked after, setting a great example for her peers.

Semester Two Reports 

These were published on Wednesday. We extend our thanks to our teaching staff for their hard work in putting together these reports for our students and families.

Building Works and Community Information Event

We recently hosted a community information event, facilitated by the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA), to address concerns and queries regarding construction delays. Thank you to those who attended and voiced their concerns, contributing valuable questions. We hope this event will nudge the project forward in a positive direction.

For more information and enquiries about the project:

  • Phone the VSBA hotline 1800 896 950 or email vsba@education.vic.gov.au
  • Refer to the VSBA website and social channels for the latest project updates: schoolbulldings.vic.gov.au | facebook.com/VictorianSchoolBulld

Parent Helpers

If you are interested in being a parent helper in your child’s classroom, please note that completion of an induction is mandatory. Mrs. Rau will lead another Parent Helper induction at the start of next term. Stay tuned for more details in future newsletters and school communications.

Farewell to Harry (Education Support staff member)

Today marks the last day of work for one of our Education Support staff members, Harry Dolenc. We extend our thanks and appreciation for his wonderful support and dedication to our staff and students.

Important Dates for Term 3

Term 3 will begin on Monday, July 10th, and conclude on Friday, September 15th. It’s a 10-week term filled with exciting learning opportunities. Mrs Prendergast will be back on deck at the beginning of next term.

We would also like to announce that NAIDOC Week celebrations nationally will be held from 2nd to 9th July 2023 – during the school holidays. As a school, we will be celebrating NAIDOC Week during the first week back of Term 3, acknowledging and honouring the history, culture, and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Holiday Wishes

Lastly, I wish our school community a fantastic upcoming holiday break. Take time to relax, recharge, and enjoy quality moments with loved ones. Stay safe and healthy. We look forward to an outstanding Term 3.

Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Whole School News

A message from the School Council to the community.

School Council held its most recent meeting on 19 June.

We were provided with an overview of the busy teaching and learning schedule which the teachers have delivered in Term 2. It was impressive to see the breadth of opportunities being offered to our students as these are the things that can spark lifelong passions and interests that they can pursue. Council would like to acknowledge and thank the teachers for all their hard work this term, and hope they have a restful break.

A focus of the meeting was the terrace upgrades and the capital works project which the Victorian Schools Building Authority is leading. Council will continue to support the school and advocate to government and the VSBA in the delivery of the project.

Once again, a big thanks to the Bellaire Parents Group for their fundraising efforts in the recent trivia night – it was a wonderful event for our school community.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank Ben Raidme and Abbey Loney for their leadership during the term, and hope Suzanne Prendergast has enjoyed her well earned break!

If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact Ben Craven on ben_craven02@hotmail.com or leave a message at the front desk.

The Bellaire School Council

Sport with Mr Canny

What a wonderful term of sport it has been with the Athletics, Winter Lightning Prem, District Cross Country, Division Cross Country and many other sports scattered through. Well done to all our students who have competed at these events. As always, the feedback I receive is wonderful about the sportsmanship our students show.

Well done to Mitch M, Sam M and Charlotte M who all competed on Monday at the Regional Cross Country. The track was extremely difficult and weather not kind, but all 3 should be proud of their efforts.

Well done to Raff M and Arlo M who competed in the School Mountain Bike Series held at Dromana over the weekend. Raff finished 5th in the u/11’s and Arlo 8th in the u/13’s. There are further events in the series held at Lysterfield and Geelong in the coming months. If you would like more information about the series or how to get involved in mountain biking, please feel free to contact the school and we can help!

Term 3 has more sporting action with various teams competing at the Division level, starting with the Boys and Girls Volleyball in week 1. In week 3, almost 80 competitors will head to Landy field for the District Athletics carnival (Friday 28th July), with the division event held later in the term.

Scott Canny

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is our whole-school social and emotional curriculum, designed to foster self-regulation and emotional control. You may have heard your child use this language at home. I.e. “I’m in the red zone”. The table explains what each zone colour represents and may help you frame conversations around feelings at home. For example: “I notice you are in the blue zone today..”

Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Community News

ArtistiCat Online Art Classes

Team Kids Winter Program

Girls Soccer Holiday Program

Rapid Ascent Sporting Event for Kids and Families

Better Health Program

A free healthy lifestyle program for Victorian children 6-12 years who are above a healthy weight. 

📆 July and August programs (Registrations close end of June)

📍 Online 

👉 https://betterhealthprogram.org/vic/ or 1300 822 953 


Better Health Program focuses on healthy eating, physical activity, sleep and screentime for children in their primary years. Children receive free resources and families are support by dietician/nutritionist each week. 

If you need guidance around creating healthy habits then this is for you. 

Students of the Week – Term 2, Week 8


  • PHM Evie B

  • PHH Mia H

  • PMF Parth P

  • PTM Lenny R


  • 1TS Bonnie A

  • 1EM Finn D

  • 1LS Anna C

  • 1CB Siobhan G

  • 2SK Marlee P

  • 2DP Atenea V

  • 2JB Kade S

  • 2EP Eloise K

  • 2CN Alfie L


  • 3AW Peter B

  • 3BL Anna M

  • 3LD Imani R

  • 3KE Emy N

  • 4AT Pierce O

  • 4EC Oscar C

  • 4JG Cody W

  • 4TC Will R


  • 5DD Charlotte C

  • 5DJ Jack K

  • 5ED Amirali M

  • 5GM Suri Y

  • 6JB Isabel K

  • 6KO Louie B

  • 6ZP Faria N

  • 6LM Teal L

  • 6RN Yusef A

Students of the Week – Term 2, Week 9


  • PHM Russtin T

  • PHH Gabriel L

  • PMF Gisele B

  • PTM Tashia A


  • 1TS Xavier P

  • 1EM Matilda F

  • 1LS Parker R

  • 1CB Harper E

  • 2SK Otis V

  • 2DP Albie H

  • 2JB Ali H

  • 2EP George R

  • 2CN Rey H & Boston H


  • 3AW Hazel K

  • 3BL Toby V

  • 3LD Arthur M

  • 3KE Lawson L

  • 4AT Harleen S

  • 4EC Leo L-B

  • 4JG Isla N

  • 4TC Greg A


  • 5DD Johanna K

  • 5DJ Archie H

  • 5ED Sarea D-R

  • 5GM Blake M

  • 6JB Oliver D

  • 6KO Yang Yang X

  • 6ZP Dia J

  • 6LM Maddison O

  • 6RN Miller O

Specialist Awards

STEAM: Fior C (3KE) & Raff M (3KE)

FRENCH: Harper D (3KE) & Renzo A (PHM)

ART: Sunny D (PMF) & Ally T (2SK)

PE: Alora K (3BL) & Romy C (2CN)