A Message From The Principal

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend, last weekend! I think it came at a wonderful time as a lot of our students were starting to feel a little tired. After lock down interrupted Term 1 for the last two years, it is wonderful to have a full term. We move into the last three weeks of the term with lots still to come – Year 4 camp, Lightning Premiership for the 5/6 students, Cross Country for the Year 3-6 students, Girls AFL competition (Year 5/6 girls), not to mention all that is happening within the classrooms!

Just a reminder that school concludes this term on Friday 8th April at 2.30pm.

Term 2 begins on Tuesday 26th April (Monday 25th ANZAC Day Public Holiday)


We are introducing a new appreciation section to our newsletter. Within our school community there are many people who go above and beyond, and as a small token of our appreciation we think this needs to be publicly recognised and shared.

Our first appreciation goes to Kylie and Leah in the office. They are the faces of our school and are often the kind and friendly voices on the end of the phone when you call. Kylie and Leah regularly deal with challenging questions or comments, to which they always respond in a calm and professional manner. They help solve problems – no matter how big or small – and often help diffuse heightened situations/people.

So, from our entire school community, we thank Kylie and Leah and appreciate everything they do to make Bellaire the great place it is for our students.

If you have an appreciation for someone in our school community please email it to the school email address (bellaire.ps@education.vic.gov.au) and we will include it in our next newsletter.


Today our Year 6 Leaders participated in the Highton Rotary Leadership Day. Traditionally this day has been held in person with other school leaders from Geelong Primary Schools gathering together to hear from high school leaders, leaders in our community and to undertake in leadership activities. This year it was held remotely. Mr Normington worked with our leaders for the day, and I am sure we will hear more about their day soon.


We are proud to say that Pearl T and Emily C have progressed through the District Tennis competition to the Regional competition. Well done girls!


This year there is a big change to NAPLAN, it is heading online for all aspects except year 3 writing. All students in Years 3 and 5 will have taken home a copy of the Naplan Parent Information for 2022. In preparation for the test Year 3 and Year 5 students will be undertaking a readiness test in preparation, and I am confident that our students will be well prepared for the Assessment weeks in May 2022. If you have any questions about the Online program this year, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Normington or Mrs Loney.


Next week is our planning week. Our teachers all receive a day planning for term 2 with their teams. Our specialist teachers cover the Year levels and our students have their specialists on one day during the planning week.


 It is exciting that our Year 5/6 students, after missing them for the last two years, will be participating in the Lightning Premiership competition next Wednesday with our network schools. I know our Year 5/6 students have been practising each Thursday afternoon and I know they are going to have a wonderful time next Wednesday.


Our Year 4 students will be heading on camp in just over a weeks’ time! I am sure they are all extremely excited, I know our teachers are. Our students are heading to the Bike Education Camp in Maldon. I look forward to hearing all about it and we will b sure to share their adventures in our next newsletter.


This week our architects presented the latest design to our teachers to provide feedback on where cupboards will be place, designs within the classrooms and overall suggestions. Very soon we will be in a place to share the designs and undertake a community consultation – watch this space!


On Monday night we will be holding our School Council AGM at 6.30pm followed by the first meeting of our new School Council.

Suzanne Prendergast


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School Crossing Reminder

A friendly reminder to all of our families, that the South Valley Road School Crossing is manned during the following hours.

8.05am to 9am

3.25pm to 4pm

Our crossing lady, Glenys, is very concerned about the number of students trying to cross this busy road outside of these times.

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Students of the Week – Week 7


  • PDJ Xavier P

  • PHP Charlie T

  • PMF Devansh S

  • PTM Lottie E


  • 1HM Ruby K

  • 1KE Millie E

  • 1KO Penny F

  • 1LS Ari H

  • 1TS Eliza B

  • 2CB Ollie B

  • 2SK Thea A

  • 2JB Braxton H

  • 2GN Macy T


  • 3AW Jay T

  • 3MM Hugo W

  • 3LD Kate D

  • 3JL Kalan R

  • 4AT Archie H

  • 4KR Jaiman U

  • 4JG Lachie B

  • 4TC Anara B


  • 5DP Lillian C

  • 5ED Issy K

  • 5LR Harrsion M

  • 5GM Malakai O

  • 6JB Tadhg P

  • 6DD Luca P

  • 6ZP Sydney A

Students of the Week – Week 8


  • PDJ Leah S

  • PHP Billy S

  • PMF Emilia P

  • PTM Jacob S


  • 1HM Jack L

  • 1KE Cooper G

  • 1KO Ali H

  • 1LS Romy C

  • 1TS Lilly W

  • 2CB Zara B

  • 2SK Sophia E

  • 2JB James J

  • 2GN Leroy R


  • 3AW Stevie D

  • 3MM Laker P

  • 3LD Logan L

  • 3JL Rosa A

  • 4AT Harris F

  • 4KR Audrey S

  • 4JG Isabel L

  • 4TC Hongyi F


  • 5DP Amelia P

  • 5ED Owen G

  • 5LR Zahli B

  • 5GM Tina M

  • 6JB Ezra P

  • 6DD Indi O

  • 6ZP Dinara W