A Message From The Principal

We have just ended Week 7! It is the longest length of time we have been at school since the start of the year. We can see that the students are getting tired and adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Four weeks of the year to go! Four very exciting weeks and we look forward to celebrating end of year events including our Year 6 Graduation.

Covid-19 Update

Please see this letter from the Department of Education regarding the latest changes. Please note that there are not many changes to PRIMARY SCHOOL restrictions as our children are not able to be vaccinated. Masks are still required when entering the office area, as well as providing your vaccination status. Students in year 3-6 are also required to wear a mask. As previously communicated to our families in year 3-6, we have had to hand out a large number of masks over the past week. We urge families to please provide your child with a mask from home.

Dear parents and carer

Based on advice from the Victorian Chief Health Officer, some significant changes have been made to how cases of COVID-19 and contacts of cases are managed in schools as we reach the 90% double dose milestone for eligible people in the coming days.

Schools will continue the process of identifying contacts of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at schools; contacts will no longer be contacted by the Department of Health with quarantine requirements. If your child is identified as a contact the school will contact you directly.

Contacts will be required to complete a standard (PCR) test within 24 hours from when they are identified by the school as a contact.

If the PCR test returns a negative result, the student can immediately return to school, with evidence of the negative result provided to the school.

It is strongly recommended that contacts complete five days of rapid antigen tests in the morning before they attend school.

You will be able to obtain these testing kits from testing centres from Monday 22 November if your child is required to complete a standard PCR test.

Where students are currently in quarantine due to an existing school exposure, they will be able to provide evidence of a negative standard PCR test and return to school following the instructions above.

In exceptional circumstances the Department of Health may determine that contacts in significant school outbreaks are still required to quarantine for seven days. In this scenario, students will be notified directly of any additional quarantine arrangements.

Face masks will now only be required by staff, visitors and Grades 3 to 6 students in an indoor space within a primary school (or schools which have primary students such as P-12 school).

The wearing of masks remains recommended elsewhere where physically distancing cannot be maintained.

As we head into the final few weeks of the school year, please continue to care for yourself and those around you.

Thank you

Bey Blades & Pokemon Cards

A few newsletters ago I mentioned that we were having a few issues around the trading of Bey Blades and Pokemon Cards. Unfortunately, we are still having significant issues around trading and arguing over Bey Blades and Pokemon cards. We ask that Bey Blades and Pokemon cards are not sent to school for the time being. Thank you for your support with this.


Our School Council have been working extremely hard being the scenes over the past year with creating a master landscaping plan for the terrace area of the school. We are now in the final stages of approval with the VSBA (Victorian Schools Building Authority) and hope to being landscaping works at the beginning of next year. We can not wait to share more information with you soon.

Building Works

We are also progressing with the Capital Works project. We are currently at the Schematic Design stage and hope to share a plan with our school community soon. The building works is set to begin halfway through next year. The first stage will not impact any of our current classrooms. Lots of exciting things to come!

Junior Swimming

We were extremely fortunate to complete our Junior Swimming program this week. It was fantastic to visit and see all of the happy faces completing swimming. I am sure they will be extremely tired this weekend!

Prep Transition

Yesterday we celebrated our first Prep 2022 transition session. It was wonderful to see all our 2022 Preps and meet their families. We thank our Bellaire Parents group for providing a yummy afternoon tea for the families. We are looking forward to welcoming the 2022 Preps over the next two weeks. Our Year 5 students are also excited to meet their buddies!

Math Olympiad

This year 22 Year 6 students and three Year 5 students were selected to participate in the Math Olympiad extension program. Every year schools from all over Australia, New Zealand and other neighbouring countries take part. Students are competing against other members from their class and teams from other schools, but primarily are competing against themselves.

The overall aim of the Olympiad is to encourage students to develop important mathematical problem solving skills in an enjoyable environment.

The Math Olympiad had five scheduled contests held approximately five weeks apart.

Of the 25 participants we had

  • five students finish in the top 40%
  • two in the top 30%
  • four in the top 20%
  • one student finish in the top 10%

Amazing individual Achievements!!

Overall our team finished in the Top 50%.

Well done to all students involved!

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Colour Run Update

Scholastic Book Club

Orders Due by 3rd December 2021

2022 Booklist and Parent Payment Information

Bellaire Primary School will be using an online only ordering system for our 2022 booklists with our stationery supplier Paperchase Office National.

Orders will be delivered free of charge to the school for on time orders.

Please place your order online no later than 13th of December 2021 to guarantee your order is delivered to the school ready for the start of term 1.

Late orders placed after the 13th December 2021 will incur a $5 (per booklist) packaging, handling and delivery charge and is not guaranteed to be delivered before the school year starts.

Online Ordering Procedure
1. Go to http://booklist.paperchase.com.au
(Note: School Code must be entered. Searching for school name will not work)
3. Click ‘Create Order’,
4. Enter students first and last name, choose year level for 2022 from the drop-down list and follow the prompts to place your order.

Please check your E-mail for order receipt. If you do not receive email confirmation, please contact Paperchase directly to confirm your order was placed correctly.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment must be made during the online ordering process, by Visa or Mastercard (credit card or debit card accepted). ZIP Pay also available*

Payment will be processed at time of ordering.

If you elect not to purchase the booklist through Paperchase please consult with the school so that your child has the correct items as there may be some items that parents cannot purchase themselves.

* ZIP – Interest free, nothing to pay upfront, flexible repayments. You will need an active Zip account. Conditions apply: https://zip.co/create- an-account

Paperchase Office National – Ph: 03 9034 3930 – booklist@paperchase.com.au – http://booklist.paperchase.com.au

Please find the link below for more information on the 2022 Booklists and Parent Payments.


Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PDJ Max T

  • PHP Millie E

  • PMF Max R

  • PSK Atenea V

  • PTM Khya E


  • 1HM Leon C

  • 1KE Zara B

  • 1KO Emma T

  • 1LS Vivienne S

  • 2CB Eibhe K

  • 2CH Aiden G

  • 2JB Jaseyn P

  • 2JG Stevie D


  • 3AF Milene V

  • 3JA Jordan C

  • 3LD Mahler D

  • 3TS Aj

  • 4AW Cleo W

  • 4KR Maddie E

  • 4ML Ryder J

  • 4TC Rebecca B


  • 5AT Koby M

  • 5ED Mia C

  • 5LR Banjo V

  • 6AG Milly M

  • 6DD Finn C

  • 6DP Willow J

Students of the Week – Week 7


  • PDJ Lola D

  • PHP Hiba A

  • PMF Isobel S

  • PSK Braxton D

  • PTM Bonnie P


  • 1HM Jet H-F

  • 1KE Tessa H

  • 1KO Imani R

  • 1LS Leroy R

  • 2CB Zach T

  • 2CH Ned T

  • 2JB Olive B

  • 2JG Oliver G


  • 3AF Henry N

  • 3JA Billy S

  • 3LD Kitty B

  • 3TS Isabel L

  • 4AW Abigail H

  • 4KR Bianca C

  • 4ML Jackson A

  • 4TC Dylan M


  • 5AT Hannah R

  • 5ED Max O

  • 5LR Maddie W

  • 6AG Ella P

  • 6DD Hudson K

  • 6DP Zeth P