A Message From The Principal

We have just completed our first, uninterrupted week of Term 3 and we ended it with a wonderful celebration for book week! It was fantastic to see all of the amazing costumes, including the teachers.


Next week we begin our swimming program for our Year 1 and 2 students. Information regarding the program has been sent to families via Seesaw. If you have any questions regarding the swimming program please contact your classroom teacher.


We understand the traffic around the school is extremely busy at drop off and pick up times. This is a situation out of the control of the school. What we can do is offer some suggestions, as well as promoting fitness and well-being for our students –

  • WALK TO SCHOOL – if you live close enough to walk to school we encourage this as a great option.
  • PARK AND WALK – if you would like to drop your child at the school gate and live too far away to walk from home, we suggestion the option of parking on a nearby street and walking to the school, thereby avoiding the traffic.
  • RIDE A BIKE / SCOOTER – riding a bike or scooter to school is a fantastic way to keep fit and avoid the traffic!

We have noted lately that there are some parents allowing their child to get out of the car while they are waiting in the traffic line. This is extremely dangerous; we urge you to reconsider allowing this to happen.


Last week we were fortunate enough to reschedule our camp and get away on Wednesday – Friday. What an amazing experience it was! 144 students and 15 teaching staff / volunteers attending Lady Northcote YMCA Camp. The weather on the first day was a little cold and wet (freezing!) however that did not stop us completing all of our rotations. Over the three days we – made damper, did orienteering, low ropes / initiatives, giant swing, archery, canoeing, fun games and frisbee golf. Students also assisting by setting the tables and cleaning up after meals. We had a movie and games night and went on a night walk. All in all it was an amazing time and we all came back tired but happy!

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Sport With Mr Canny


Congratulations to our Girls and our Boys/Mixed Netball teams who both went through UNDEFEATED on Tuesday at Kardinia Park. The girls team looked comfortable all day and never looked challenged through their six matches. All the girls worked so well as a team and had a wonderful day. The way the girls worked together was impressive and a testament to the work they put in in their own lunch times.

The Boys/Mixed team had a couple of challenges throughout the day, but in the game that would decide top spot, they prevailed by one goal. All the boys contributed in some way on the day which was the most pleasing part. Considering none of the group play netball full time, it was amazing to see how quickly they adapted. Again, credit to this group for their hard work during lunch time and their ability to listen to feedback and implement immediately.

Thank you to Kel McCarthy for coaching the Girls team. Both teams will progress to the regional level.


Firstly, a huge thank you to all the parents who offered to volunteer on the day. Your help, effort and presence made this event possible and I cannot thank you enough!

Our students had one of the most successful meets in memory with many collecting multiple place ribbons. For all the Bellaire competitors, you should be so proud at firstly making the level. Everyone worked as hard as they possible could on the day and no one gave up. The encouragement and support you showed for each other was noticed by other schools and that makes me very proud to hear. Congratulations to those students who will progress to the Division level. I currently have no idea when that may be held, I will be in contact with the relevant students when I know more.


IT IS BACK IN 2021! Lock away Friday, 3rd of December in your Diaries for a day filled with fun and colour! Information will soon be dropping about raising funds, prizes and general event details so stay tuned for more in the coming weeks!

Concert Update

The night at the museum is coming together amazingly. Students are continuing to participate in weekly concert rehearsals and hopefully you have heard them singing their songs around the home.

This year the concert will be looking a little different due to COVID regulations. We will still be performing the concert at the Geelong Arena although it will be during the day. Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions that we are working under we are unable to have an external school audience. This means, due to restriction numbers, parents will not be able to see the concert live.

We have taken a lot of time and thought into ensuring the concert will still go ahead for our students and we are excited to have the students still be able to perform the 2021 School Concert. Dance troupe, comperes, singing group, class acts and staff act will all be filmed during the day on Tuesday 7th September.

Students will have an excursion to the Geelong Area on this day to perform their class concert act and be filmed for release to parents/ guardians and carers.

This year will be treated as an excursion event and not a fundraiser, but in order to cover costs of this excursion, which includes the buses to the Arena, cost of the Arena hire and a professional videoed copy of the concert performance we will be charging students a cost of $25 per student.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. At the end of the day we want the students to be able to enjoy and experience dancing and singing on a stage.

Miss Kate Esam and Mrs Maddy McDonald.

Beleza Uniforms

Dear School Community,

We hope you are all safe and well.

To ensure all families can access their required School uniforms while the current Government restrictions are still in place, we’re pleased to announce we’re offering Free Shipping on all orders over $100 on our Online Store. All of our Online Orders are shipped via Australia Post, and this is accessible to all families, Australia wide.

Our Online Store can be accessed here: https://store.beleza.com.au/

Kind regards,

Beleza School Uniforms

Beleza Pty Ltd  |  72 Wedgewood Road Hallam VIC 3803 Australia
Tel: (03) 9702 3218  |  Fax: (03) 9702 3193 | beleza@beleza.com.au

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Students of the Week – Week 4


  • PDJ Sadie C

  • PHP Arlo W

  • PMF Kai L

  • PSK Ruby K

  • PTM Nyla B


  • 1HM Eloise CB

  • 1KE Mackenzie K

  • 1KO Thea A

  • 1LS Belle H

  • 2CB Jude G

  • 2CH Mitchell W

  • 2JB Greg A

  • 2JG Hayley P


  • 3AF Claire S

  • 3JA Henri B

  • 3LD Ethan D

  • 3TS Charlotte M

  • 4AW Zeshan A

  • 4KR Lana F

  • 4ML Maddison O

  • 4TC Amirali M


  • 5AT Indiana O

  • 5ED Olivia V

  • 5LR Thomas F

  • 6AG NAME

  • 6DD Finn C

  • 6DP Sophie H

Students of the Week – Week 5


  • PDJ Taitum W

  • PHP Hannah J

  • PMF Hannah P

  • PSK Braxton D

  • PTM Bonnie P


  • 1HM Abigail P

  • 1KE Arthur M

  • 1KO Ollie N

  • 1LS Xavier G

  • 2CB Mahly F

  • 2CH Brodie M

  • 2JB Dominic T

  • 2JG Charlotte Y


  • 3AF Baylen D

  • 3JA Billy S

  • 3LD Iyah C

  • 3TS Zohan B

  • 4AW Aston G

  • 4KR Che S

  • 4ML Harry S

  • 4TC Finnian S


  • 5AT Hannah R

  • 5ED Danique E

  • 5LR Sei N

  • 6AG Macy W

  • 6DD Darcy C

  • 6DP Lucas T

Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PDJ Archie R

  • PHP Otis V

  • PMF Max M

  • PSK Hunter L

  • PTM Emmanuel C


  • 1HM Zoe M

  • 1KE Autumn B

  • 1KO Lawson L

  • 1LS Ruby K

  • 2CB Freya C

  • 2CH Tanner. B

  • 2JB Oscar N

  • 2JG Sam M


  • 3AF Jack T

  • 3JA Hunter W

  • 3LD Lili D

  • 3TS Sam H

  • 4AW Stella P

  • 4KR Lucas C

  • 4ML Eva K

  • 4TC Jack JT


  • 5AT Finn O

  • 5ED Eve M

  • 5LR Flynn N

  • 6AG Macy W

  • 6DD Jack C

  • 6DP Ruby L