A Message From The Assistant Principal


It seems that this term has flown on by. Next week is our last week of term. School finishes at 2.30pm next Friday 25th June. Next week also marks ‘Planning Week’ for our teaching staff, which is time dedicated to preparing next term’s teaching and learning programs. Please refer to the information below which outlines the changes to our Specialists Timetable (for next week only).


We send our sincere thanks to everyone – students, teachers, and parents – for your amazing efforts in supporting us by continually adjusting to changes placed upon us due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Fortunately, we all returned to school healthy and are pleased to be back with friends and colleagues.

The Victorian Government has announced new arrangements for schools in Victoria, from and including today Friday 18th June. Some key changes within the updated Schools Operation Guide are as follows:

Parents / Visitors on-site:

  • Parents / Carers can now attend school sites; however, density limits must be applied to any spaces accessed and record keeping obligations must be adhered to by any visitors attending the school site.
  • Students will be dismissed each day from their classrooms and parents are most welcome to wait outside classrooms and learning areas for students, ensuring adherence to physical distancing requirements.
  • Masks are to be worn outside if physical distancing is not possible. We kindly ask parents and students to not congregate on school grounds.

Note however: 

  • Non-essential meetings, gatherings, and assemblies (that are attended by individuals other than staff and students) should be deferred or held remotely until further notice.

 QR Codes:

  • Visitors entering school buildings and facilities must sign-in using the Service Victoria QR codes. This electronic record keeping is mandatory for all workplaces to enable the effective contact tracing of any COVID-19 cases.
  • This includes all parents who enter buildings when on the school site and all other visitors (including contractors, external Department staff and building & maintenance staff).
  • Parents who come onto school grounds for drop off and pick up (but do not enter buildings) do not have to sign in using the QR codes.
  • Key building entry and exit points will display QR code posters.
  • If you are not able to check in using a smartphone or tablet, a sign in service is available at our front office.
  • QR code check ins will not be required for staff or students.

Other COVID safety actions include enhanced cleaning protocols, hand hygiene provision, enhanced classroom ventilation, mask wearing indoors (when not teaching students) and outdoors (if unable to psychically distance), and medical attention by school staff. The community may use the playgrounds on the weekends.

Thank you for your support and understanding of these important health directions. We appreciate your support respecting these guidelines. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.


Our staff have been working hard to complete any last-minute assessments prior to completion of student reports. We are pleased to communicate that student reports will go live and be distributed via Sentral next Wednesday 23rd June.


We would like to acknowledge and thank everyone who attended the Year 3 and 4 Camps last week at Wyuna, Queenscliff, in particular the staff (who left their own families also) and adult volunteers. It takes a great deal of effort to pull it all together to create a successful camp experience for the students. Anecdotal feedback we have heard so far from students, parents and staff was that it was indeed a success! Amongst all the COVID-chaos, it is brilliant that students got to finally attend a camp.


Mrs Prendergast is on a leave of absence until the end of term due to having had shoulder surgery this week. On behalf of the school community, we wish her all the best with her recovery.


Next Friday we will be saying farewell, goodbye, and good luck to our Business Manager Kate Matthews. Kate is retiring after 22 years at Bellaire Primary School.  Such an amazing achievement.  We wish her all the very best.

Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Whole School News


Information about State School’s Relief.

State Schools’ Relief is a not-for-profit organisation that improves the lives of tens of thousands of disadvantaged Victorian students, and their families, each year.

Our simple and practical service ensures that all students can attend school in warmth and comfort with a greater sense of belonging and improved self-esteem, which in turn enhances their educational engagement.

Issues such as poverty, neglect, family illness, abuse and homelessness continue to affect many Victorian families. SSR provides government school students with new uniforms, footwear and educational resources, including learning devices. We work side by side with all Victorian primary, secondary, specialist and language schools to ensure that any students facing hardship have the necessary items they require for school.




Please note: All items to be ordered on QKR, including the Special Item of  Cadbury Freddo Icecreams $2 and Lifesaver Icepoles $1.50 which will be available at lunchtime for collection. Please remember to bring your yellow highlighted lunch bag to the canteen in exchange for your item.

The canteen will reopen Term 3 on Monday 12 July.

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Students of the Week – Week 8


  • PDJ Archie R

  • PHP Erica H

  • PMF Max M

  • PSK Marlee P

  • PTM Ginger T


  • 1HM Moksh P

  • 1KE Jasmine D

  • 1KO Paddy S

  • 1LS Jack J

  • 2CB Grace M

  • 2CH June B

  • 2JB Essence W

  • 2JG Oscar W


  • 3AF Milene VDV

  • 3JA Ruby T

  • 3LD Summer C

  • 3TS Morgan K

  • 4AW Kartik M

  • 4KR Lachie N

  • 4ML Tina M

  • 4TC Louie B


  • 5AT Ella M

  • 5ED Kai D

  • 5LR Archer R

  • 6AG NAME

  • 6DD Seb Y

  • 6DP Tahlia W

Students of the Week – Week 9


  • PDJ Eliza B

  • PHP Thomas H

  • PMF Cooper G

  • PSK Charlie D

  • PTM Ted S


  • 1HM Hope V

  • 1KE Flynn T

  • 1KO Rosy C

  • 1LS Cameron K

  • 2CB Audrey M

  • 2CH Harriett A

  • 2JB Owen L

  • 2JG Pierce O


  • 3AF Gilbert P

  • 3JA Elli C

  • 3LD Charlie A

  • 3TS Mia S

  • 4AW Jackson I

  • 4KR Marley P

  • 4ML Ryder J

  • 4TC Sarah Y


  • 5AT Oliver M

  • 5ED Max O

  • 5LR Lachlan W

  • 6AG NAME

  • 6DD Peter T

  • 6DP Mason B