A Message From The Principal

We are at the end of a very busy term! We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday break.  😊

DATES FOR TERM 4 – lots on, but important to know! All of these dates can be found on Sentral

  • Monday 2nd October – First day of term 4
  • Friday 13th October – Prep excursion, Assembly 3pm
  • Monday 23rd October – Prep 2024 Information Night 5.15pm, School Council Meeting 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 24th October – Prep 2024 Pre-prep screening sessions 9 -10am or 10-11am
  • Wednesday 25th October – GEELONG CUP PUBLIC HOLIDAY
  • Friday 27th October – World Teachers Day, Assembly 3pm
  • Tuesday 31st October – French Day
  • Wednesday 1st November – Prep 2024 1st Transition Session, Debating
  • Thursday 9th November – Prep 2024 #2 Transition
  • Friday 10th November – Assembly 3pm
  • Wednesday 15th November – Prep – 2 Junior Sports Day
  • Friday 17th November – Prep 2024 #3 Transition Session
  • Friday 24th November – Assembly 3pm
  • Friday 1st December – STUDENT FREE DAY
  • Monday 4th December – Wednesday 6th December – Year 5 Camp
  • Friday 8th December – BELLAIRE COLOUR EXPLOSION! School Captains 2025 Announced
  • Tuesday 12th December – Statewide Transition Day
  • Wednesday 13th December – Year 6 Graduation
  • Thursday 14th December – Year 3 Excursion
  • Monday 18th December – Reports released
  • Tuesday 19th December – LAST DAY OF TERM 4 for students NORMAL FINSIH TIME
  • Wednesday 20th December – Curriculum Day – please note NO OSHC will be running

PREP 2024

We are trying to finalise our numbers for Prep in 2024 in preparation for our transition days next term. If you have a child beginning school in 2024, please let the office know as soon as possible.


Today we farewell Mrs Hannah Herman as she begins her maternity leave. We will miss Hannah, as I’m sure all her preps will, however we are excited for Hannah as she looks forward to the birth of her first child.

We welcome Miss Ly in Term 4 who will be teaching PHH for the remainder of the year.


It is with much happiness that we announce the birth of Mrs Budzienny’s second child – Mila Evelyn. Congratulations to Gemma, Nathan and big brother Noah.


What an amazing night we had at the concert.  We not only celebrated our amazing students performing in all different ways – bands, singing, dancing, break dancing and compares, but we also celebrated our 60 Years of Bellaire! Below is a combination of my speech on the night and added thank yous!

Tonight, we celebrate our 60 years of Bellaire! The school has changed a lot over the years and has grown in size. I started my teaching career at Bellaire 22 years ago, when there were 350 students. Now we have 645 students and 30 classes.

The first Principal in 1963 was Mr John Gow, followed by Mr John Aberton, Mr Ian Giles, Miss Patricia Castles, Mr John Rose, Mr Grant Rau and Mrs Jane Warren who have all shaped Bellaire PS to what it is today.  

We would like to thank Tara for working hard with our students and staff to prepare and choreograph the performance items. She worked incredibly hard on all the performances – especially the teachers act, because I am sure that was hard work!

Our Concert Committee (Ellie Down, Matilda Fitzgerald, Hannah Herman, Georgia McNeil, Zoe Parlamentas, Lauren Dolheguy, Elodie Mcclelland, Taylah Crompton and Digby Jackson) for all the preparations that go in to making concert night run smoothly. Special mention to Mr Jackson for the 60 Years photo opportunity in the foyer, Miss Parlamentas for the amazing program and extra work with dance troupe.

A massive thank you to Miss Down and Miss Fitzgerald who coordinate everything! Their organisation is amazing and they make the whole night happen!

Thank you to Becky, Esme, Bianca, Ben, Heath, Charlie, Issy, Claire, Sanuli, Chloe, Xanthe, Cassia, Mussa, Lewis, Malin, Max, Anara, Elliot, Tess, Eva, Summer for being our wonderful concert comperes this evening.

We were fortunate to have some wonderful Year 5 / 6 helpers for assisting with the Prep/ Junior classes to assist them with their performances.

Thank you to the Total Events Team for the video recording of tonight’s Concert and lighting and sound operations.

Thank you to the School Council for their ongoing support.

Thank you to the office staff for their organisational support.

A massive thank you to the parents for their support in preparing their children for the big night, all the staff for their enthusiasm and hard work in bringing the night together and all the students for their wonderful performances.

We were also fortunate to have our High Voltage, private music lesson bands performing on the night. I know the students enjoyed performing in front of the crowd with the support of their teacher, Danniel. It must have been quite overwhelming for the number of people watching but they did an amazing job.

We were also fortunate to have two interpreters on the night, we thank them for their work.

It is a HUGE night in our school calendar, and it was amazing! Thank you everyone.


On the Curriculum Day our staff were fortunate to experience the expertise of Emeritus Professor Dianne Siemon. An expert in the area of mathematics, Di has worked on the National and Victorian Curriculum and is an expert in the BIG IDEAS in maths. It was a wonderful day for the staff and we look forward for continuing our work in mathematics next term.

– a note from Ms Kymantas who attended the event.

On Tuesday 5th September 20 Bellaire students attended the Division Athletics Carnival held at Landy Field. The day was a crazy mix of sunshine, wind and rain but this didn’t deter our competitors with four individual students and one relay team making it thorough to the Western Metro Region Finals which will be held in Keilor on Tuesday 17thOctober. Congratulations to Lily E, Harry S, Quinn W and Mia S along with our 9-10 girls relay team of Willow D, Bloom C, Georgia C and Lily E.

The rest of our students were extremely competitive with some close 3rd and 4th place getters as well as some personal best performances. Overall, it was a really successful day!


Next term we will undertake our School Review. Every four years Government Schools undertake a review. During this review we have a panel that consists of our a School Reviewer, our Senior Education Improvement Officer (SEIL), the Principal Team, two Principals from other schools (known as Challenge Partners), two teachers and our School Council President. The review is undertaken over four days and will lead to setting our goals for the next four years. Our review takes place over the first four weeks of next term. A report will then be available to our school community (I believe in 2025).

As part of the School Review we will be holding a parent / carer group as part of the school review process. This will be run by the school reviewer and the SEIL who will ask a few questions to the group. The session will be held on Tuesday 17th October at 9am – 10am. If you are able to attend could you please complete the Google Form on this link – https://forms.gle/HQLSQxuuKFzPThBv9.


This week our teachers had the opportunity to undertake planning as a team for Term 4. We look forward to the term ahead.


With the recent release of the Statewide NAPLAN results, I am pleased to share with families our students’ success in the National Assessment Program (NAPLAN) for 2023.

This year saw the release of new achievement levels. The earlier timing of NAPLAN in March rather than May, made this the right time to reset the NAPLAN measurement scale. This, in addition to the full transition of all schools nationally to the online assessment that delivers more precise information, results are no longer being compared to those from the paper era. Our school continues to closely monitor the Year 3 results with regards to our instruction at Years P-2 and likewise with our Year 5 results, monitoring our practice in Years 3 and 4.

The numerical NAPLAN bands and the national minimum standard have been replaced by the following 4 levels of achievement:

  • Exceeding – the student’s results exceed expectations at the time of testing.
  • Strong – the student’s results meet challenging but reasonable expectations at the time of testing.
  • Developing – the student’s results indicate they are working towards expectations at the time of testing.
  • Needs additional support – the student’s results indicate they are likely to need additional support to progress satisfactorily.

2023 Results for Students at our school

Year 3s

  • Our Year 3 results for Reading indicated that 87% of students at Bellaire were placed in the Exceeding and Strong proficiency levels compared with the State result of 70%.
  • 93% of our students in Year 3 were assessed as being in Exceeding and Strong in Writing compared with the State result of 78%.
  • 85% of our students in Year 3 were assessed as being in Exceeding and Strong in Numeracy compared with the State result of 67%.

Year 5s

  • Our Year 5 results for Reading indicated that 90% of students at Bellaire were placed in the Exceeding and Strong proficiency levels compared with the State result 77%.
  • 83% of our students in Year 5 were assessed as being in Exceeding and Strong in Writing compared with the State result of 78%.
  • 79% of our students in Year 5 were assessed as being in Exceeding and Strong in Numeracy compared with the State result of 68%.

As you can clearly see, the results for our students are outstanding and a testament to the quality and rigour of teaching and learning in our school.

I am incredibly proud of our teachers, tutors, and Education Support staff who all work tirelessly to ensure that each child reaches their full potential in their learning and especially proud of our students for their ongoing commitment to learning.


Thank you to the all the families that have completed their child’s registration in the new fullybooked system.If you are fully registered your family can start making bookings for Term 4 now.

You WILL NOT be able to make a booking for Term 4 until your child’s registration is completed.

Several families have started the enrolment process, but sections are incomplete and therefore cannot make bookings at this stage.

Complete registration requires all of the following tasks:

  • Verification of your email
  • Addition of child/ren and child/ren details
  • Addition of parent
  • Addition of second parent (or tick not applicable)
  • Addition of “other contact” in case of emergency
  • Addition of payment details

Please following the link to commence or complete your child’s enrolment.


Please also read updated Payment of Fees and Bookings Policy

Payment of Fees & Bookings.docx (bellaireps.vic.edu.au)

Thank you for your assistance.

Bellaire Primary School Council OSHC Team

Suzanne Prendergast


In Our Classrooms

Year 6 Writing

Check out this incredible piece of writing by our talented young wordsmiths, Maddie and Layla

Year 1 Box City

Check out ‘Box City’, an inquiry project the Year 1 students have been working on.

Concert Appreciation

Whole School News

Year 3 Expo

On the day of our expo we were excited and ready to share our beautiful animal habitats. After recess, students started to crowd in to see our fascinating boxes. We had worked very hard on them in the previous lessons and now our hard work was paying off.

The choices of endangered animals were Elephants, Orangutans, Tigers, Giant Pandas, Rhinos, Gorilas,

Chimpanzees, Penguins, Monarch Butterflies, Red pandas, Sloths, Polar bears and Jaguars. We had studied on our animals for weeks to get information on them, we later on put them into either classification, appearance, habitat, diet and fun facts, after finishing writing the information report down on our animals, we then got them checked off by our teachers and started publishing on either Bookcreator or Picollage.

All the Grade 3s had so much fun showing and creating our beautiful animal expos. We hope all the Grade 2s have lots of fun next year making their own beautiful creations and writing.

By Seraphin.M and Elsie.C


On Wednesday the 13th of September, the Year Six Debating Team set off to Leopold Primary School for their third debate. Team 1 includes Lillian C, Sanuli S, Jack JT and Heath D. Team 2 includes Becky B, Ben F, Louis P, Malin S and Cassia S.

This debate was an unseen topic, which means that teams only have 30 minutes to be told the topic and prepare their arguments as a team. The topic for both debates was ‘dogs should be banned from cities’ with Team 1 arguing for (affirmative) and Team 2 arguing against (negative).

Team 1 won by one point, 226 to 225. Team 2 also won by a close margin. Both teams remain undefeated and would love the support of the Bellaire community at the next debate, Wednesday 1st November at 4pm at Bellaire.

By Malin S – 6ZP

Bellaire School Council Update

School council held its most recent meeting on 4th September.

A key item of discussion was the condition of the school oval, which we acknowledge has deteriorated significantly over the course of the year and requires considerable remediation works. We are working with the school to determine the optimal timing for those remediation works with the warmer weather approaching and to implement a regular program of scheduled works.

We are pleased to see the terrace works progressing along well and look forward to that area being available for students soon upon its completion.

The tender process for the Stage One building works closed early August. We keenly await the VSBA’s decision regarding the outcome of that process and hope we can move into the next phase of construction very soon.

Finally, congratulations to all staff and students for their participation in the school concert! We are pleased that this was such a successful night for the school community.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you wish to discuss any of the above or raise a topic for consideration.  I can be contacted via email at ben_craven02@hotmail.com or feel free to leave a message with the office and I can get in touch.

Ben Craven

On behalf of Bellaire School Council

Bellaire Parents Group Update

Mud Kitchen Appeal


‘What I can control’

When a child is feeling anxious, this may present as fear and worry or be considered ‘overthinking’. As parents and teachers, our goal is not to dismiss these thoughts but to help them learn to manage their anxiety. One way is to support the student to consider their circle of control. A helpful exercise is to have the child write, draw or verbalise what is within their control and what is not, finding ways to let go of those outside of it.

Amy Sier

Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader



We are changing our software for OSHC, so we ask that all current OSHC families please re-enrol.

Please also find the link below for our new OSHC Payment and Fees Policy.

Payment of Fees & Bookings.docx (bellaireps.vic.edu.au)

We thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact the office, or Kirsty at OSHC.

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 9





PHM Jasper 1TS Bonnie A 2SK Oscar A 3AW Xavier G 4AT Eibhe K 5DD Owen R 6JB Ryder J
PHH Evin P 1EM Deklyn C 2DP Max R 3BL Skyla J 4EC Audrey M 5ED Lachie B 6KO Sanuli S
PMF Brooklyn 1LS Willa C 2JB Hannah P 3LD Ollie N 4JG Iszaac M 5DJ Henri B 6ZP Tiffany K
PTM Tashia A 1CB Hazel K 2EP Lola D 3KE Eloise C 4TC Lexie M 5GM Paige S 6LM Dylan M
2CN Braxton D 6RN Noah A

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 10





PHM Lacey 1TS Great C 2SK Jack L 3AW Zara B 4AT Mahly F 5DD Iyah C 6JB Molly C
PHH Ruby M 1EM Anei A 2DP William L 3BL Cooper C 4EC Dom T 5ED Archie H 6KO Amelia P
PMF Roy 1LS Billie D 2JB Thomas H 3LD Hope V 4JG Faith B 5DJ Charlie A 6ZP BenF
PTM Sharlee C 1CB Elyas M 2EP Amelia L 3KE Jayah R 4TC Hayley P 5GM Hunter N 6LM Layla E
2CN Kai L 6RN Priya A

Specialist Awards

STEAM: Roxie J (3KE) and Alana D (3BL)

FRENCH: Vivienne D (2JB) and Skyla J (3BL)

ART: Chelsea M (5DD) and Oliver G (4EC)

PE: Austin M (3KE) and Bowie H (1TS)

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