A Message From The Principal

We are heading to an exciting end to Term 3! The concert is less than a week away and the students are excited, and the rehearsals are looking fantastic 😊

  • Monday 4th September – School Council Meeting 6.30pm
  • Tuesday 5th September – Division Athletics (selected students only)
  • Thursday 7th September – BELLAIRE SCHOOL CONCERT (rehearsal during the day)
  • Friday 8th September – Curriculum Day
  • Wednesday 13th September – Nude Food Day (Junior School Council)
  • Thursday 14th September – R U OK? Day
  • Friday 15th September – LAST DAY OF TERM 3, Footy Colours Day, 2.30pm FINISH Assembly 2pm (or 2.15pm)


This Sunday marks a special day to celebrate and cherish the father figures in our lives. Whether it’s our dads, grandfathers, uncles, or those who’ve played a significant role, Father’s Day is a moment to honour those special figures in our lives. While we prepare to express our gratitude and love, let’s also remember those who may not have their fathers or those who’ve lost them. This day can be a mix of emotions for many, and it’s essential to acknowledge the variety of relationships that define our lives. Wishing you a meaningful and heartfelt Father’s Day, however you choose to spend it.

PREP 2024 –

We are trying to finalise our numbers for Prep in 2024 in preparation for our transition days next term. If you have a child beginning school in 2024, please let the office know as soon as possible.


We are extremely excited that our Terrace Court is now open for business! The students have been rotating through the area this week so they could all experience the space during recess and lunch (Preps were using the space under supervision of their teachers). The grass and cricket pitch has also been laid down at the terrace. This area will remain fenced off until the grass has had a chance to settle, possibly halfway through next term. We look forward to opening this space!

– A note from our concert committee.

Hello Parents,

We hope you’re doing well! Just a quick update – we still have some school concert tickets left for both the daytime and evening shows. The good news is the original ticket limit deadline is over, so now you can grab more than the initial two tickets per family. That means you have the green light to bring along more friends and family to join in on the fun at this special event!

Also, we wanted to let you know that we’ve attached a revised running order for the daytime rehearsal. However, please note that we cannot provide exact times for when each class will be performing. We suggest that you attend the whole show – that way, you won’t miss a moment of the excitement! With the day rehearsal tickets being a great price it’s wonderful opportunity for those who cannot make the night session.

Thank you, Concert Committee      


  • Dress Rehearsal – we ask students to come wearing ‘most’ of their costumes on the day. We ask that students do not wear anything ‘extra’ (such as a mask or anything that may get lost if they are not wearing it) we would hate anything to go missing before the performance at night.
  • Doors open – students enter via a different door than parents on the night. We ask the students are dropped off with teachers at 6pm and the doors for parents will be opened at that time.
  • Picking up students – At the end of the night, we ask that you wait in your seats until we ask parents to come down. This can be an overwhelming experience for students, and we want to minimise the number of people collecting students at one time.


Book Week came alive last week. Friday’s weather was perfect for the Prep-2 and Years 3-6 parades. All students have contributed to a Book Week display at our front office, along with entries from this year’s Book Face competition. Thanks Mrs Rau, Mrs Douglas, Mrs McArthur and Miss Parlementas for organising various activities and events throughout the week, and thanks to the parents for sending your children to school on Friday is such creative costumes and dress ups.


This week we undertook a ‘Lockdown’ drill. Each term we are required to undertake an Emergency Management drill, evacuation, lockdown, offsite etc to ensure that all our processes are in place and students get to practise. This term it was a lockdown drill. The students did an excellent job and we have lots of feedback from staff and students about how we can improve and ensure we provide the best possible experiences for our students.


We wish all our students who are competing at the Division Athletics on Tuesday the best of luck.


We just want to everyone plenty of advanced notice that the last day of the school year, Wednesday 20th December, will be a Curriculum Day. Please note that OSHC will NOT be running on this day.


Thank you to the 44 families that have completed their child’s registration in the new fullybooked system.

However, this is only a fraction of the 170 plus families that currently use the service.

If you are fully registered your family can start making bookings for Term 4 now.

You WILL NOT be able to make a booking for Term 4 until your child’s registration is completed.

Several families have started the enrolment process, but sections are incomplete and therefore cannot make bookings at this stage.

Complete registration requires all of the following tasks:

  • Verification of your email
  • Addition of child/ren and child/ren details
  • Addition of parent
  • Addition of second parent (or tick not applicable)
  • Addition of “other contact” in case of emergency
  • Addition of payment details

Please following the link to commence or complete your child’s enrolment.


Please also read updated Payment of Fees and Bookings Policy

Payment of Fees & Bookings.docx (bellaireps.vic.edu.au)

Thank you for your assistance.

Bellaire Primary School Council OSHC Team


Isobel G in Year 5 is organising Bellaire Nude Food Day on Wednesday 13th September (last week of school). Isobel’s proactive efforts to raise awareness about the benefits of ‘Nude Food’ are truly commendable.

Isobel would like to communicate the following:

Did you know that when it rains, rainwater flushes litter down our drains, which goes into oceans and waterways?

The Bellaire Nude Food Day will be held on Wednesday the 13th of September. We encourage all students to bring no plastic in their lunch boxes so we can reduce the amount of plastic litter at Bellaire. Eliminating plastic from your lunch box will improve the cleanliness of our school, clean up the local waterways and provide students with healthy nutritional food to eat.

Isobel’s initiative reminds us that small actions, like avoiding plastic, can have a big impact on our environment.

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Bellaire Parents Group Update

Porter Ave Pies and Cakes Pie Drive Fundraiser 

We are pleased to launch our fundraiser for this term in collaboration with our wonderful neighbours Porter Ave Pie and Cakes.  Get footy finals and school holidays ready with some delicious items on offer – Family Pies, Party packs (sausage rolls and party pies), Family Apple Pie, Hedgehog and lemon slice- something yummy for everyone!  Porter Ave are kindly donating some proceeds from each item sold back to the school and we are hoping to use the money towards some celebrations for the students at the end of the year.

Orders can be placed via QkR now and will close on Friday 1st of September- so be quick.

Please make a note of the delivery dates for orders – this will be split over 2 days in the last week of term to make it easier for all involved.  We will receive the orders close to the end of the school day and will deliver items to the classrooms. The school will not be able to offer any refrigeration.

Delivery dates:


Grade 3- 6 – THURSDAY 14th SEPTEMBER

We will be putting a call out for volunteers to help distribute on these delivery dates so please keep an eye on our BPG Facebook page if you are able to help.  Thanks for your support!

Beleza Uniform Shop

Mud Kitchen Appeal

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Employing a growth mindset can have a positive impact on a child’s willingness to take-risks in their learning, try new things with confidence and address challenges with resilience. Studies have found this improves a student’s ability to cope with anxiety and navigate stress better, increasing their abilities, achievement and wellbeing. Many students at Bellaire are familiar with this language and it is an easy way to help your child reframe a situation.

Amy Sier

Mental Health and Wellbeing Leader



We are changing our software for OSHC, so we ask that all current OSHC families please re-enrol.

Please also find the link below for our new OSHC Payment and Fees Policy.

Payment of Fees & Bookings.docx (bellaireps.vic.edu.au)

We thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact the office, or Kirsty at OSHC.

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 7






Ronja W 1TS Lily M 2SK Katana N 3AW Leon C 4AT Zach T 5DD Charlotte C 6JB Aston G
PHH Mia H 1EM Theo M 2DP Eli M 3BL Hattie A 4EC Finn D 5ED Ash W 6KO Cassia S
PMF Mila B 1LS Isla N 2JB Rosie A 3LD Logan R 4JG Lowan C 5DJ Jack P 6ZP Layla R
PTM Harvey CH 1CB Siobhan G 2EP Hannah K 3KE Elsie C 4TC Hudson G 5GM Emily H 6LM Malakai O
2CN Boston H 6RN

Kylah F

Students of the Week – Term 3, Week 8





PHM Christian G 1TS Asher A 2SK Mahan  G 3AW Hazel K 4AT Sinbone R 5DD Will L 6JB Jackson A
PHH Henry D 1EM Emilia P 2DP Emmanuel C 3BL Flynn T 4EC Harry E 5ED Morgan K 6KO Oscar B
PMF Parth P 1LS Wyatt A 2JB Hayden M 3LD Seraphin M 4JG Aara P 5DJ Sophie M 6ZP Maddie E
PTM Maya A 1CB Jack E 2EP Eloise K 3KE Raff M 4TC Will E 5GM Sam H  6LM Zeeshan A
2CN Hassan A 6RN Zahli B

Specialist Awards

STEAM: Will T (2DP) & Albie H (2DP)

FRENCH: Chloe P (6KO) & Elena J (1LS)

ART: Abigail H (6LM) & Laila S (4JG)

PE: Jack L (2SK) & Kitty B (5ED)