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  • Wednesday 5th April – WACKY WEDNESDAY
  • Thursday 6th April – LAST DAY of TERM 1 –  2.30pm finish


  • Monday 24th April – CURRICULUM DAY
  • Tuesday 25th April – ANZAC Day Public Holiday
  • Wednesday 26th April – First day of term 2
  • Tuesday 9th May – Athletics (Yr 3 – Yr 6)
  • Wednesday 17th May – Bravehearts Yr 1
  • Saturday 3rd June – Bellaire Parents Trivia Night Highton Bowls Club

Throughout our newsletters we will be updating you on information happening in the school and celebrating achievements of our students and community. Individual teams will provide you with information specifically targeted to your child / children’s year levels.


Congratulations to Jordan C who came first at the Regional Swimming Competition in the Year 9/10 breaststroke. She is off the State Finals next term. Well done Jordan.

WACKY WEDNESDAY (this Wednesday) Our Junior School Council event

Wacky Wednesday! Wednesday 5th April. Gold Coin Donation for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

*Our Junior School Council meet and decide on the event and organise all of the advertisement of the event. They have done a wonderful job of creating the posters for this event.


Our Year 5 & 6 students competed in the Lightning Premiership competition last Friday. All of our students displayed amazing sportsmanship, tried their hardest and represented the school in a manner we can all be extremely proud of.

We also had some amazing results from the day, the following teams won their events and will be moving onto the next stage –

  • Boys basketball team
  • Boys and girls volleyball teams
  • Girls cricket team

Thank you to the teachers who attended and coached as well as those parents who volunteered their time for the day to coach teams. It is a day that could not run smoothly without the assistance of the parent volunteers. Thank you.


On Tuesday, the 28th of March, the School and House Captains participated in the GRIP leadership day in Melbourne. We caught the train at 7:20 am and arrived at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre at around 9am. We were amazed by the huge stage, and thousands of seats. 217 schools from Victoria came to the day and we felt really lucky to be a part of it.

We learnt how to put others’ opinions and needs before our own. We also watched videos of other Schools ideas, to improve the whole school and individuals’ happiness in the school community. We each filled in a booklet throughout the day all about being a great leader and how we can improve. We participated in a range of different games and activities about inclusiveness, valuing others opinions and being good leaders that people look up to.

GRIP stands for Generosity, Responsibility, Integrity, and People- all of a good leaders’ qualities. Back at our school, we will use how to put others first and get others on board with an idea. We also had the loud noise boys ( Andy and Levi ) come and keep the day entertaining and funny. They often got people up on stage to talk about their reflections to do with a task or for fun games and activities involving leadership. We really enjoyed having them come as they got everyone up and moving. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

Written by Emily and Poppy


TERRACE WORKS – We have signed the contract for the terrace works to begin and we look forward to those beginning in the next four weeks (weather dependant).


We held the Prep 2024 Information night on the 22nd March. We had around 100 people in attendance.

We were fortunate that our four School Captains were able to attend and led a number of the tours on the night.


This week we have held our Year 1 and Year 2 Fun Runs and the Year 3 -6 Cross Country. We were extremely lucky with the weather and all events ran well. Everyone tried their best and they were great events for our school community. Thank you to all involved particularly Mr Canny and Miss K for organising the events.


Our crossing supervisors have asked us to let the school community know of some concerning behavior that has been taking place, particularly at the Larcombe Street Crossing.  Children are not using the crossing properly.  They are crossing the road away from the actual school crossing, and running in front of cars. They have also remained on their bikes and scooter whilst crossing, and some students are bouncing balls whilst crossing.  We ask that students are reminded that they need to use the crossing, and if on bikes/scooters, could they please hop off and walk across.  It is far too dangerous to not use the crossing in the correct manner.

Also, a reminder that students and parents are to walk their bikes and scooters through the school yard.  Please do not ride them through the yard.

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Curriculum Day – OSHC Information
Monday 24th April

Bellaire Parents Group

The Bellaire Parent Group has been busy with a number of activities since last newsletter. On Monday 3rd April around 400 dozen Hot Cross Buns will be delivered to the school as part of our Easter Fundraiser. The kind purchases of our school community has raised approximately $850 that will be all put back into buying new playground games and activities. We will keep you all updated on further details as they come to hand.

Our group was also able to secure a donation from Woolworths Highton to purchase icy poles for all the Grade 1’s and 2’s to enjoy after their fun run. From all accounts they were a great hit and very well deserved for all the kids who did an amazing job running the course!

The organisation of the 2023 Bellaire Trivia Night is now well underway with tickets going on sale today! The Trivia night will be held on June 3rd at the Highton Bowls Club. We have limited ticket numbers so please get busy organising your tables of 8 or grabbing yourselves individual tickets and meeting some new people on the night. Along with a fantastic game of trivia there will also be door prizes, a spin-to-win wheel, raffle and live auction items on the night. A silent action that will be open to all (not just those who attend the trivia night) will be released two weeks prior to the night. We already have some amazing items up for grabs including rounds of golf, kids party packs, hair and beauty products, yoga vouchers, wine and gin. Should you have anything you would like to donate, or know someone who is interested, please get in touch with the Bellaire Parents Group. All proceeds from the night will be going towards student wellbeing and outdoor play spaces. Please keep your eyes peeled for more information on the Trivia night over the weeks leading up to this major fundraising event!

Thank you to all the Bellaire Parents who have contributed with their time, organisation, donations and ideas so far this year. Your efforts are very much appreciated by the whole school community, and we hope the kids continue to benefit more and more from our efforts.

If you would like to reach out to us, please feel free to contact us via our email bellaireparents@yahoo.com  or via our Facebook page.

Bellaire Parents Group

Bellaire Parents Group – Trivia Night

Bookings can be made on QKR – 8 people per table.

Nominate yourself as Captain, and you can purchase tickets for all your team.

Individual tickets can also be purchased.

Only 160 tickets available.

Better be quick!

Bellaire Parents Group – Trivia Night 

Call for Donations

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Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Community News

Geelong Food Relief
Egg Carton Drive

Geelong Food Relief Centre is a not-for-profit organisation which provides emergency food relief to socially and financially disadvantaged members of the community. They are in need of clean, empty egg cartons in order to reduce the cost of having to purchase new ones.

Collect your clean and empty egg cartons, and deliver them to the school office, and we can pass them on to GFRC.



Students of the Week - Week 8


  • PHM Renzo A

  • PHH Linny C

  • PMF Amelia W

  • PTM Hamish I


  • 1TS Asher A

  • 1EM Sophia H

  • 1LS Charles Y

  • 1CB Emma A

  • 2SK Hunter L

  • 2DP Wabi R

  • 2JB Hannah P

  • 2EP Lilly W

  • 2CN Liam P


  • 3AW Grace G

  • 3BL Levi M

  • 3LD Taura B

  • 3KE Elsie C

  • 4AT Harry L

  • 4EC Sammy S

  • 4JG Faith B

  • 4TC Zahara O


  • 5DD Darien B

  • 5DJ Isobel G

  • 5ED Reg B

  • 5GM Ned S

  • 6JB Jackson A

  • 6KO Ryan C

  • 6ZP Layla R

  • 6LM Ellie G

  • 6RN Kylah F

Students of the Week - Week 9


  • PHM Lacey T

  • PHH Eva M

  • PMF Memphis J

  • PTM Hamish I


  • 1TS Faiza M

  • 1EM Anei A

  • 1LS Mason B

  • 1CB Nate L

  • 2SK Katana N

  • 2DP Paddy W 

  • 2JB Thomas H

  • 2EP Viggo L

  • 2CN Evie I


  • 3AW Leon C

  • 3BL Alana D

  • 3LD Hope V

  • 3KE Lawson V

  • 4AT Sinbone R

  • 4EC Isla R

  • 4JG Lowan C

  • 4TC Jaxon M


  • 5DD Lewis L

  • 5DJ Noah R

  • 5ED Clara D

  • 5GM Lilly E

  • 6JB Marley P

  • 6KO Amelia P

  • 6ZP Lenny A

  • 6LM Sierra S

  • 6RN Louis P