A Message From The Principal



  • Monday 20th March – Wednesday 22nd March – Year 4 Camp
  • Monday 20th March – Thursday 23rd March – NAPLAN (Year 3 & Year 5)
  • Friday 24th March – Senior Lightning Premiership (Year 5 & 6)
  • Monday 27th March – School Council Meeting 6.30pm
  • Thursday 30th March – Bellaire Cross Country (Year 3 – Year 6)
  • Thursday 6th April – LAST DAY of TERM 1 2.30pm finish


  • Monday 24th April – CURRICULUM DAY
  • Tuesday 25th April – ANZAC Day Public Holiday
  • Wednesday 26th April – First day of term 2
  • Tuesday 9th May – Athletics (Yr 3 – Yr 6)
  • Wednesday 17th May – Bravehearts Yr 1
  • Saturday 3rd June – Bellaire Parents Group Trivia Night

Throughout our newsletters we will be updating you on information happening in the school and celebrating achievements of our students and community. Individual teams will provide you with information specifically targeted to your child / children’s year levels.


NAPLAN is being held for our Year 3 and Year 5 students in Victoria, and across Australia, earlier in the year than ever before. NAPLAN normally occurs in May, from now on will take place, online, in March each year. Our students have undertaken the Writing task and complete the other NAPLAN tasks next week.

We strive to prepare our students for NAPLAN so they feel relaxed and ready to complete the NAPLAN tests to the best of their ability.  However, this is only one test of a student’s knowledge. It makes up only a tiny picture of who the child is as a learner and person. We value these results as a part of the whole picture. The scores on the test will tell us how you did on the day they took the test but they do not tell us everything.

NAPLAN cannot tell us whether they love to sing, dance, draw or speak in front of a group. They do not know if they are a great friend or a fantastic sportsmanship. They cannot show how they try their best each day at school, or if they have not had their best day because they didn’t sleep well the night before. Our teachers know these things, they know the students in a way NAPLAN cannot.

We want our students to try their very best, but know that we value NAPLAN as only a part of the whole picture.


Thank you to all families that have made a payment towards the 2023 Curriculum Contributions.

The voluntary financial contributions made by families support the school in providing learning experiences and the best possible education and support for our students. We have designed and developed learning and teaching programs drawing on the best educational knowledge and practices. We strive to offer broad and enriched opportunities to our students that are above and beyond what is required in the standard curriculum and what is provided for by Government funding.

The School Council discussed these contributions at the last School Council meeting. To date we have received 54% of what we hoped to receive. We also realised that there is a great deal of financial strain on families at this time therefore we have a number of options for payment. This includes the option of payment instalments spread throughout the year. These are available on QKR.

If you have any questions please feel free to email, call or drop in to the office at any time.

Thanks for your generous support to date.


On Tuesday 14th March, 11 Bellaire students competed at the Division Swimming Championships at Kardinia Pool. In wonderful conditions for swimming, Bellaire had some wonderful results in what was a very tough competition.

Congratulations to following students who progress to the Regional Event:

Jordan C, 2nd in the 9/10 Girls Backstroke

Lucas W, 2nd in the 11 Boys Backstroke

Louis W, 1st in the 11 Boys Butterfly

Congratulations to these students also on their wonderful personal results, many of which were personal best times!

Jordan C, 3rd 9/10 Girls Freestyle

Clara D, 22nd 11 Girls Freestyle

Arlo M, 12th 11 Boys Freestyle

Paddy G, 13th 11 Boys Freestyle

Bianca C, 4th 12/13 Girls Backstroke and 6th 12/13 Girls Freestyle

Charlotte M, 6th Girls Breaststroke and 13th 11 Girls Backstroke

Sanuli S, 4th 12/13 Girls Breaststroke and 12th 12/13 Girls Backstroke

Sara E, 20th 12/13 Girls Freestyle

Louis W, 4th 11 Boys Backstroke

Lucas W, 3rd 11 Boys Butterfly

Ryan C, 4th 12/13 Boys Backstroke and 4th 12/13 Boys Butterfly


TERRACE WORKS – We are extremely excited that we are currently in the process of finalising the contract for the terrace works. We are redeveloping the tennis court and making this a much bigger usable space. This is the main focus and then later in the year, when it is appropriate (weather wise), the terrace grass space will be redone.

CAPITAL WORKS PROJECT – I am hoping to be able to announce the build today! However, it may be at the start of next week. I will announce it to the community as soon as I get the ‘ok’ from the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA). It is anticipated that the works will begin before the end of term.  We understand the frustration around the delay to the start, we understand, however we are now excited for it to begin.



Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Bellaire Parents Group

Welcome to a new year of Bellaire Parents Group! We have had an exciting start to the year with our Hot Cross Bun fundraiser already well underway, a new logo was launched and our first meeting of the year was held yesterday, Thursday 16th of March.

Our first meeting saw lots of new faces to the group and plenty of amazing ideas for fundraising and goals. We are always on the lookout for new parents to join the group no matter how much time or help you may be able to give. Big or small, it all counts.

Our aim is to:

  • Encourage the participation of parents in school life
  • Provide opportunities for parents to get to know and support each other
  • Provide a connection between the school community and wider community
  • Provide a coordinated voice for the parent community
  • Raise funds to go towards projects and facilities to benefit Bellaire Primary and its students

If you would like to join or learn more about the group, please feel free to pop over to our Facebook Group “Bellaire Parents” and join or get in touch with any of us. With so many events on the cards for this year we would love as many parents as possible involved.

Our major event for Term Two will be the Bellaire Trivia night to be held on Saturday June 3rd at the Highton Bowls Club. Plenty more information to come so keep an eye out.

The Hot Cross Bun fundraiser is now just over halfway through, and we have already sold 143 dozen. The money raised from this fundraiser will go towards some new lunchtime play equipment for all levels to enjoy!

As always, please feel free to reach out to any of us via our Facebook page or through the school should you wish to chat or even just get a better idea of what the Parents Group does. Between the three of us we have 6 children at Bellaire ranging from Grade 5 to Prep so one of us is always around dropping off or picking up and happy to chat.

We look forward to connecting with a lot more of you in the future.

Kaisee, Tanya and Sharon

Hot Cross Bun Fundraiser

Hot Cross Bun orders are open now on QKR
Orders to be placed by 9am Wednesday 29th March.
Delivery to class rooms (oldest child) on Monday 3rd April.

School Canteen – Special Lunch Day

Friday 31 March 2023

Please Note:  Canteen will operate as a normal canteen day on Wednesday 5th April.

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Community News

Team Kids Autumn Holiday Program

Rovers Basketball

Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PHM Tiara S

  • PHH Caroline N

  • PMF Shaurya C

  • PTM Violet M


  • 1TS Isla T

  • 1EM Tobias T

  • 1LS Baran H

  • 1CB Tobi F

  • 2SK Mia T

  • 2DP Will T

  • 2JB Ginger T

  • 2EP Harmony D

  • 2CN Cooper G


  • 3AW Tarli D

  • 3BL Skyla J

  • 3LD Ollie S

  • 3KE Harper D

  • 4AT Mikaylah H

  • 4EC Rosa A

  • 4JG Laila S

  • 4TC Will E


  • 5DD Will S

  • 5ED Skye A

  • 5DJ Alira D

  • 5GM Jordan C

  • 6JB Molly C

  • 6KO Cass S

  • 6ZP Che S

  • 6LM Dylan M

  • 6RN Rainky C

Students of the Week – Week 7


  • PHM Leo S

  • PHH Ruby S

  • PMF Alex S

  • PTM Billy R


  • 1TS Leah S

  • 1EM Deklyn C

  • 1LS Elena L

  • 1CB Jack E

  • 2SK Avin M

  • 2DP Claire M

  • 2JB Isla C

  • 2EP Lola D

  • 2CN Braxton D


  • 3AW Lily A

  • 3BL Cooper C

  • 3LD Autumn B

  • 3KE Harrison M

  • 4AT Raphael L

  • 4EC Leo F

  • 4JG Noah R

  • 4TC Olive B


  • 5DD Harris F

  • 5ED Phoebe H

  • 5DJ Mahler D

  • 5GM Hunter N

  • 6JB Peggy G

  • 6KO Chloe P

  • 6ZP Becky B

  • 6LM Sara E

  • 6RN Noah A