A Message From The Principal


The Sentral calendar has all the dates we are aware of at this stage for Term 4. We will add to this as we are made aware of them. Some important dates coming up in Term 4 –


  • Monday 7th November – Year 1 excursion Werribee Zoo, Year 3 excursion National Wool Museum
  • Thursday 10th November – Second Prep 2023 Transition Session, School Captain Speeches
  • Friday 11th November – Remembrance Day
  • Friday 18th November – Last Prep 2023 Transition Session, Captains 2023 announced at Assembly
  • Friday 25th November – Prep – 2 Athletics Day at School
  • Monday 28th November – School Council meeting
  • Tuesday 29th November – First transition Session for current students


  • Wednesday 7th December – Second transition Session for current students
  • Thursday 8th December – Year 5 Funtastic Fair
  • Monday 12th December – Current and new students (not 2023 Preps) last transition session – meeting teachers and class for 2023
  • Tuesday 13th November – Prep – 2 Excursion – movies
  • Wednesday 14th December – Year 6 Graduation
  • Thursday 15th December – Year 5 excursion
  • Friday 16th December – Reports released, Year 4 excursion
  • Monday 19th December – Year 6 excursion, furniture / class moving day across the school
  • Tuesday 20th December – LAST DAY 2022 1.30pm finish



  • Monday 30th January – FIRST DAY FOR ALL STUDENTS
  • Friday 10th February – School Photos
  • Monday 13th March – Labour Day public holiday
  • Thursday 6th April – last day of Term 2

TERM 2 – first day will be a curriculum day as the second day is ANZAC Day public holiday. Term 2 begins on Wednesday 26th April


We have been having a wonderful time having the Prep 2023 students undertaking transition. They have two more transition sessions over the next two weeks. On Wednesday, our Bellaire Parents organised a wonderful welcome afternoon tea for the new Prep parents. Thank you to all the parents involved.


On Wednesday, five students represented Bellaire at the State Athletics held at Lakeside oval. In challenging conditions for all athletes, we had some incredible results.

Alice A made the 11 yr old 80m hurdle final, placing 7th. She just missed qualifying for the 11 yr old 200m final.

Indi O made the 12/13 yr old 80m hurdle final, placing 4th.

The 12/13 girls relay team qualified for the final after a nervous wait for qualifying times. The girls came 8th in the final. A special mention to Alice who filled in last minute after an injury.

To even make the state championships, let alone qualify for the finals, is a massive achievement. Zoe, Hannah, Indi M, Indi O and Alice should be extremely proud of how they competed and represented the Bellaire community.

We are all so proud of you!

Mr Canny and the Bellaire Community


Today 10 of our students are competition in the Regional Girls Cricket tournament in Melbourne. We wished them the very best as they set off at 7.15am this morning.


After three days of exams last week Mr Raidme and Vinnie and Mrs Prendergast and Link became qualified Therapy Dogs and Handlers.


We are looking forward to continuing to support our students in 2023 and will be sending out the Bellaire Primary School voluntary financial contributions for 2023.

 Schools provide students with free instruction to fulfil the standard Victorian curriculum.

 Nevertheless, the ongoing support of our families ensures that our school can offer the best education and support for our students.

 This support has allowed us to provide an enriched learning and teaching program for every student. This commitment from parents to contribute benefits students and results in improves achievement outcomes, wellbeing and engagement in learning. We always strive to ‘Aim High’ in all areas and strive to offer broad and enriched opportunities that are above and beyond what is required in the standard curriculum and what is provided for by the Government.

 We want to thank you all for your support. Further information regarding our Parent Payments for 2023 will be sent out to you via Sentral.


We understand that it is extremely busy on the roads around the school during drop off and particularly pick up time. Please be patient during these times. We do ask, if you collect your child/ren from the pick up / drop off area, can you please ask your child to meet you as quickly as possible to ensure that cars keep moving through this area. We ask that parents do not leave their car if they are in the pick up / drop off area.

Thank you for your support with this.


One of the favourite parts of our day, as Principal and Assistant Principals in the school, is when students are so excited to come and share their achievements and work with us. This includes displaying the school values and completing work to their own personal best. I was excited to have a large number of visitors this week and wanted to share some work by our Year 1 and Year 2 students.


For your diaries – first day of 2023 for ALL students is MONDAY 30th JANUARY.

Suzanne Prendergast

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Students of the Week – Week 4


  • PDJ Isaiah L

  • PHP Sarah F

  • PMF Acacia B

  • PTM Ivy P


  • 1HM Violet B

  • 1KE Emilia M

  • 1KO Emma M

  • 1LS Bonnie P

  • 1TS Eloise K 

  • 2CB Max D

  • 2SK Evan M

  • 2JB Lilli L

  • 2GN Jayah R


  • 3AW Aara P

  • 3MM Essence W

  • 3LD Freya C

  • 3JL Dominic  T

  • 4AT Iyah C

  • 4KR Eva H

  • 4JG Reg B

  • 4TC Jordan C


  • 5DP Finn A

  • 5ED Ali J

  • 5LR Heath D

  • 5GM Malakai O

  • 6JB Hazel O

  • 6DD Koby Mc

  • 6ZP Max O

Students of the Week – Week 5


  • PDJ Frida J

  • PHP Baran H

  • PMF Xavier M

  • PTM Elyas M


  • 1HM Isobel S

  • 1KE Kade S

  • 1KO Avin M

  • 1LS Hannah K

  • 1TS Boston H

  • 2CB Kaisei T

  • 2SK Cassidy L

  • 2JB Ethan K

  • 2GN Tessa H


  • 3AW Harry L

  • 3MM Emma VB

  • 3LD Ben T

  • 3JL Laila S

  • 4AT Wethmin P

  • 4KR Hunter N

  • 4JG Isabel L

  • 4TC Paige S


  • 5DP Amelia P

  • 5ED Mienna O

  • 5LR Quinn W

  • 5GM Oscar B

  • 6JB Ruby H

  • 6DD Sei N

  • 6ZP Marley O