A Message From The Principal


We love celebrating the achievements of our students. Last week Blake M (Year 4), represented Victoria in the TFT National Competition. He represented Victoria as part of the Hip Hop small group. They were successful in winning gold at the competition. Congratulations Blake!


On Monday and Tuesday we had a visit from Lifesaving Victoria. Our Prep and Year 3 – Year 6 students participated in a Lifesaving Victoria incursion. Year 1 and Year 2 were not involved in the incursion as they have just completed their swimming program.

Student Reflection:

Grades 3-6 had a pleasant time learning about the lifesaving program, about the sea and what dangers are in and around it. Sam explained the dangers of the sea and land. He talked about phenomenal rip currents and unfortunately how our graceful rivers have been spotted with filthy and unsafe objects in them. It was a fun experience learning how to stay safe in our waterways.

Ruby and Lily Grade 4

On Monday the Grade 4s were lucky enough to experience a visit from Life Saving Victoria. They told us about the dangers around water and how to be safe at the beach. I learnt all about Slip. Slop, Slap, Seek and Slide when it is sunny and also about all types of currents at the beach.

Arlo Grade 4


On Wednesday our staff undertook a curriculum day at GMHBA Stadium. On our day the staff undertook CUST training (Community Understanding and Safety Training). Community Understanding and Safety Training (CUST) is delivered by community members who are associated with Local Aboriginal Education Groups and Koorie Engagement Officers, and aims to teach educators about cultural issues and boundaries affecting Koorie learners. This includes educating them on how to teach and include indigenous culture to ensure the learning environment is culturally safe and inclusive of Koorie learners and their families.


Thank you for everyone who has purchased their concert tickets already! Next Tuesday we will be opening the remainder of the night session tickets online. More information will come about that next week.

There are still plenty of day tickets available.


A recording of the concert, on a USB, is available to pre-order via QKR now.

Please note, the rehearsal day is a normal school day.  Students need to be picked up at 3.30pm as normal. More details around the arrangements for the concert day will be sent out soon.

Suzanne Prendergast


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This will be the last canteen day for Term 3.

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Girls Cricket Program

Cricket Victoria and Highton Cricket Club
For girls whom would like to try cricket and think they might like to play it this summer.

Highton CC will have a girls cricket team this summer (Starting Term 4)

South Barwon Cricket Club Juniors

Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PDJ Elena L

  • PHP Anei A

  • PMF Devansh S

  • PTM Zoe B


  • 1HM Grace M

  • 1KE Billie B

  • 1KO Eli M

  • 1LS Nyla B

  • 1TS Max T

  • 2CB Mackenzie K

  • 2SK Anna M

  • 2JB Esme B

  • 2GN Skyla J


  • 3AW Tim Nam N

  • 3MM Harry E

  • 3LD Oscar W

  • 3JL Aiden G

  • 4AT Alira D

  • 4KR Ella L

  • 4JG Sophie M

  • 4TC Sophie M


  • 5DP Max S

  • 5ED Jake VB

  • 5LR Samara W

  • 5GM Eva K

  • 6JB Olivia V

  • 6DD Mia C

  • 6ZP Matilda D

Students of the Week – Week 7


  • PDJ Elena J

  • PHP Mackenzie D

  • PMF Willa C

  • PTM Zack K


  • 1HM Levi M

  • 1KE Hassan H

  • 1KO Bailie N

  • 1LS Harmony D

  • 1TS Isla C

  • 2CB Roxie J

  • 2SK Hazel K

  • 2JB Luke C

  • 2GN Moksh P


  • 3AW Zachary T

  • 3MM Eibhe K

  • 3LD Tanner B

  • 3JL Mahly F

  • 4AT Arlo M

  • 4KR Tom P

  • 4JG Claire S

  • 4TC Van L


  • 5DP Isla W

  • 5ED Kendall M

  • 5LR Sarah Y

  • 5GM Lachlan N

  • 6JB Edie B

  • 6DD Indi M

  • 6ZP Isla D