A Message From The Principal

As we arrive at the end of week 3 of Term 3 we have already had lots of events on – including the Year 3 Camp! This term is one of the busiest we have had in years and we love seeing the excited faces of our students as events occur. Next week we have our Parent / Teacher interviews followed by our Year 6 camp in week 5.

Prep 100 Days of School

Today our Preps celebrated their ‘100 Days of School’. The students looked amazing and our Prep teachers organised a wonderful day filled with exciting celebrations.

District Athletics

Today 83 of our Year 3 – 6 students competed in the District Athletics competition at Landy Field. At the time of writing this I do not have any results, but we wish our students all the best!


On Tuesday the 27th of July, the Grade 6 Debating Teams hosted a debate against Drysdale Primary School. The topic for both debates was ‘We should adopt an opt-out system for organ donors’. One team was Affirmative – Gemma, Neve and Matilda, and one team was Negative – Emi, Florence and Tadhg. It was a tough debate and everyone had so much fun. Both of the teams from Bellaire PS ended up winning, with Florence and Neve being awarded Best Speakers for their debates. We are so excited and hope to win the next one.

By Emi P

Parent / Teacher Interviews

We are holding our Parent / Teacher interviews next Tuesday (Tuesday 2nd August) 2pm – 7pm. Bookings are currently still open on Sentral. Our school day for students will run as normal and will be a 3.30pm dismissal.

A message was sent via Seesaw indicating where we are asking parents to wait prior to their interviews. Please see below.

Just a reminder that Parent / Teacher Interview bookings are currently open on Sentral. Interviews are optional and students are not required at the interview. Please remember if you wish to have a Webex interview you still need to book a time and then you need to message your classroom teacher via Seesaw to receive the Webex link.

PREP – in the bottom room in the Prep area – enter via the glass doors.

YEAR 1KE, 1 HM, 1KO & 1TS – in the bag bay areas for each class.

YEAR 1LS & YEAR 2 – in the Junior kitchen area – up the ramp to the Junior building

YEAR 3 & YEAR 4 – in the middle doors of the Middle building. Please only enter through those doors and wait in the vinyl space. The other doors will be locked.

YEAR 5 & YEAR 6 – in the STEAM space. Please enter through the door near the blue basketball court.

Year 3 Camp

This week the Grade 3 students went on camp to Camp Wyuna in Queenscliff. All of the students had a wonderful time experiencing new things. While there, students visited the Marine Discovery Centre and the Queenscliff Maritime Museum, as well as activities including archery, a giant water balloon sling, and playing GaGa. It was a fantastic first school camp experience and, for many, their first time away from home. We would like to thank all of the staff and student teacher volunteers who joined us on camp to make this such a positive experience.

Mrs McDonald

Concert Poster Winners

We are excited to announce that our Concert poster winners are –

Sarah Prep

Faiza PHP

Olive 2CB

Hayley 3LD

Mahler 4KR

Sanuli 5DP

Dinara 6ZP

…and Eve 6ZP will have her poster as the front page of the concert program. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Suzanne Prendergast


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Students of the Week - Week 2


  • PDJ May L

  • PHP Charlie T

  • PMF Toby T

  • PTM Sarah K


  • 1HM Alyssa H

  • 1KE Millie E

  • 1KO Oscar J

  • 1LS Arlo W

  • 1TS Ayla W

  • 2CB Max D

  • 2SK Fletcher F

  • 2JB Harrison M

  • 2GN Jack J


  • 3AW Felix E

  • 3MM Jaseyn P

  • 3LD Dylan S

  • 3JL Jace R-A

  • 4AT Iyah C

  • 4KR Suri Y

  • 4JG Isobel G

  • 4TC Charlotte M


  • 5DP Yang Yang X

  • 5ED Mienna O

  • 5LR Heath D

  • 5GM Ryder J

  • 6JB Archer R

  • 6DD Drew T

  • 6ZP India S

Students of the Week - Week 3


  • PDJ Leah S

  • PHP Theo  M

  • PMF Anna C

  • PTM Gurjapman K


  • 1HM Tyler C

  • 1KE Taitum W

  • 1KO Penny F

  • 1LS Vivienne D

  • 1TS Ted S

  • 2CB Ruby K

  • 2SK Lawson L

  • 2JB Cameron K

  • 2GN Oliver C


  • 3AW Faith B

  • 3MM Vithuli W

  • 3LD Rose L

  • 3JL Willow D

  • 4AT Seb F

  • 4KR Sid P

  • 4JG Layni J

  • 4TC Will L


  • 5DP Tiffany K

  • 5ED Miller O

  • 5LR Quinn W

  • 5GM Chloe P

  • 6JB Emi P

  • 6DD Hannah R

  • 6ZP Banjo V