A Message From The Principal

We have reached the end of Term 2, our first full semester in two years! It has been wonderful to be able to have a ‘normal’ semester at school. Along with everyone else we have been impacted by illnesses other than Covid – the flu, colds, infections – we hope that after a restful winter break everyone returns feeling healthy and ready to go for the rest of the year.

This term has been busy and next term looks to be even busier. Next Term we have parent / teacher interviews, swimming for our Year 1 and 2 students, camps for our Year 3, Year 4 and Year 5 students, excursions and our School Concert. After two years of not being able to provide our students with a ‘normal’ school experience it is a wonderful feeling that our students will be able to enjoy not only their classroom experiences and learning but also the extra-curricular activities.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy school holiday break. We look forward to seeing everyone on the first day next term (Monday 11th July).


Last week I was privileged to be able to attend debating at Chilwell Primary School and witness two of debating teams in action. Below is a piece written by Neve –

On Wednesday the 15th of June, the two Belaire debating teams had their first debate against Chilwell Primary School. The topic for the first debate was that ‘Technology improves the lives of children’. The first team was negative meaning they were against the topic. The first team’s first speaker was Neve, the second speaker was Matilda, and the third speaker was Zeph. The arguments that were discussed were health issues, dangers and benefits of less screen time, and education risks. The first team lost against Chilwell but had lots of fun and had a great first debate experience. The second team’s topic was also ‘Technology improves the lives of children’. The second team was affirmative, meaning they were agreeing with the topic. The second team’s first speaker was Emi, the second speaker was Florence, and the third speaker was Finn. Their arguments were education points both during and not during remote learning and gaining information. The second team won their debate against Chilwell Primary School and Emi and Finn tied the award for Best Speaker. Thank you to our coaches, Miss Jacobs, and Miss Parlamentas, who helped organize this event. We couldn’t have done it without them, and we can’t wait for our next debate.

Written by Neve N, 6JB


Many of you would have seen the poster regarding a ‘poster competition’ for our school concert. Our school concert will be held on Tuesday 6th September 6.30pm at the Geelong Arena. The theme for the concert, for those who were here last year, is the same as last years. More information regarding the concert including songs (to practice), costumes and ticketing information will come at the start of next Term for our concert organisers Miss Down and Miss Fitzgerald.


The new Child Safe Standards come in effect on 1st July. Next term we will be providing more information regarding the changes associated with the new standards. There is also a specific section of our website dedicated to the Child Safe Standards, currently there is one policy up for community consultation. To view the policy please follow this link – https://bellaireps.vic.edu.au/resources-and-policies/. It will be open for consultation until Wednesday 13th July.


We are excited to be able to welcome back parent helpers next term. For all parent helpers or any other volunteers in our school we now have a new way to sign in at the office. Any visitors to our school must sign in before heading to classrooms, even if the gates are open in the morning. If you are helping in a classroom, you must sign in and out at the office. Thank you for your assistance with this.


Knowing Crazy Hair Day was coming up Lexie (4MM) decided it would be a great time to donate 36cms of her hair to Sustainable Salons to assist wigmakers to make wigs for charitable organisations to provide wigs for kids. Well done Lexie, what a wonderful and thoughtful thing to do!

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News

Sport with Mr Canny

Regional Cross Country

Congratulations to Alice Ashby and Owen Guilfoyle for competing at the Regional Cross Country last Thursday. It was a difficult course and both students finished in the top 20 but do not progress to the state level. Well done on your efforts!

Also a congratulations to the Bellaire Buddies who won their netball grand final. At the end of regular time, the scores were tied and the girls won by 5 in overtime. Congratulations to all involved!

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Community News

Endurance Martial Arts & Fitness Training

Auskick Burst
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Regional Parenting Service Programs
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Geelong Cats Community Giving Day Open Training Session


Out of School Care – OSHC – Increase in Service Fees – Effective from Monday 11th July 2022 (Term 3, 2022)

Our OSHC Service Fees are reviewed regularly and were last increased in February 2019.  As part of the review, our Service Fees will be increasing effective from Term 3, 2022 commencing Monday 11th Jul 2022.  This increase was approved at our School Council meeting in March 2022

Please find below our new rates

A reminder that CCS Fee Subsidies are available from Centrelink for eligible families. Families should check the website https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/how-to-claim-child-care-subsidy to determine their eligibility.  It is the family’s responsibility to ensure all enrolment information, including parent and child(ren)’s CRN details, are correct to allow Centrelink to match records and process the subsidy.  Statements are issued weekly on Fridays, with account payment in full required by the following Thursday.  Outstanding accounts may be referred to the Principal and/or School Council for further action. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Business Manager, Kate Dangerfield, on 5243 5203 for a confidential discussion of payment arrangements.

Students of the Week - Week 8


  • PDJ Charles Y

  • PHP Faiza M

  • PMF Evelyn M

  • PTM Alexander S


  • 1HM Jasper L

  • 1KE Stevie W

  • 1KO Raf K

  • 1LS Harry M

  • 1TS Max T

  • 2CB Joshua W

  • 2SK Grace K

  • 2JB Fior C

  • 2GN Alana D


  • 3AW Alfie G

  • 3MM Essence W

  • 3LD Cyrus B

  • 3JL Oscar C

  • 4AT Esme D

  • 4KR Amy B

  • 4JG Harvey T

  • 4TC Darien B


  • 5DP Connor D

  • 5ED Marley P

  • 5LR Arlii H

  • 5GM Kartik M

  • 6JB Isla G

  • 6DD Aika V

  • 6ZP Jackson C

Students of the Week - Week 9


  • PDJ Jaikob C

  • PHP Siobhan G

  • PMF Scarlet W

  • PTM Phoebe W


  • 1HM Tex R

  • 1KE William L

  • 1KO Eli M

  • 1LS Sukith K

  • 1TS Lola D

  • 2CB Zoe M

  • 2SK Willa R

  • 2JB Lilliana L

  • 2GN Tex M


  • 3AW Harry L

  • 3MM Lexie M

  • 3LD Isla N

  • 3JL Georgia C

  • 4AT Lewis L

  • 4KR Clara D

  • 4JG Reg B

  • 4TC Ash W


  • 5DP Ellie G

  • 5ED Louis P

  • 5LR Mussa B

  • 5GM Sara E

  • 6JB Hazel O

  • 6DD Thomas A

  • 6ZP Willow M