A Message from the Principal

This term is flying by! We had a wonderful week celebrating Education Week!


Just another reminder to all families that our school grounds are not supervised before 8.45am. We are having students arrive earlier and earlier and it is a concern that they are unsupervised. We ask that you please utilise our Before and After School Care service if required.

Also, as we are approaching mid-term, and our students are beginning to tire (particularly heading into the cooler months), we are again starting to notice some families that may be struggling during morning drop-offs. As mentioned previously, it can be tempting to stick around or peak through the classroom windows, hoping to see your child settle. However, the long, drawn-out goodbyes may actually increase the anxiety in your child. Instead, aim for a ‘drop and go’ goodbye routine with your child. For example, give those last hugs and kisses and tell them you can’t wait to see them after school. It’s never easy watching someone you love so much in distress, but remind yourself that they are safe, that the tears will pass quickly, and that you are providing the experience that will build resilience and courage and show them they can do hard things.


This year the theme, ‘150 Years of Public Education’ commemorates the past, celebrates the present and imagines the future of education in Victoria. On Tuesday we held our Open Day. It was wonderful to be able to welcome parents, grandparents and members of the community into our wonderful school. It has been two long years since we have been able to welcome people into our school. It was a pleasure to see so many visitors into our school and the smiles on our students’ faces being able to share their space and their learning.


Last week, on a rainy Wednesday, we ran the Year 3 – 6 Athletics at Landy Field. It was a wonderful opportunity for all of our Year 3 – 6 students to have a go at all of the sports they had been practising at school during PE. The weather held off for most of the day, only having to end a little bit early! Thanks to Mr Canny for his organisation of the day as well as Mr Thomas, Mrs Loney and Mrs Forssman for assisting with the set up and pack up at the end fo the day.


We have been undertaking school tours for our 2023 Prep enrolments. We have been meeting with some lovely new families and students who will be attending our school next year. If you have a younger child at home who is due to start school in 2023, please come and see us at the school office to collect an enrolment form as soon as possible or download a form on our website https://bellaireps.vic.edu.au/enrolments/#school-enrolments.


Just a reminder that there is a student free day on Friday 3rd June. OSHC is available for families who require it.

Our Victorian Department of Education have instructed all schools to hold this Student Free Day this term as part of the Victorian Schools Agreement.


We are getting close to finalising a design for the new school build! Watch this space – we will be sharing a 3D draft design with the community soon!


National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is next week. It is an opportunity to strengthen community understanding and pride in reconciliation, and gives schools a chance to reflect and learn more about our shared history in Australia.

NRW is held from 27 May to 3 June each year, when all Australians can:

  • reflect on our shared histories, cultures and achievements
  • explore how we can join the national reconciliation journey.


Seesaw have made some changes to the ‘look’ of Seesaw. An information poster was sent home via Seesaw previously to explain the changes.


With the support of the fundraising from our school community we have been able to purchase new sports tops for our students to wear when representing the school. They look fantastic and we thank everyone for their support!


Sandra, our Larocmbe St crossing supervisor, has kindly asked that we remind students and families of the following.

  • Cross the road at the designated crossing areas
  • Wait for the whistle before you cross
  • No running or riding bikes/scooters/skateboards across the crossings


This week’s appreciation shout out goes to Jenny and Leanne in the canteen. Jenny and Leanne running an exceptional service for our community, going above and beyond with special lunch order days, helping students who forget lunch, the list goes on. Recently Jenny has been successful in receiving a grant for a new fridge in the canteen, Jenny did this all in her own time and off her own fruition. I know our past and current students appreciate and adore Jenny and Leanne and we wanted to take the opportunity to thank them for all their hard work from our entire Bellaire community.

Suzanne Prendergast


Whole School News



  • Available on QKR
  • Orders Close 9am Friday 3rd June
  • Delivery by Friday 10th June
  • $25 for Warmies CozyPlush Toys
  • $15 for Lavender Heat Packs

Sports Report


On Tuesday, 8 students represented Bellaire at the Bellarine Division Cross Country held in Eastern gardens. All 8 students did an incredible job, in what were stunning conditions, through a true Cross country course which was made up of many different surfaces.
We had 2 outstanding results with Alice Ashby and Owen Guilfoyle progressing to the Regional level held in Keilor. Alice finished 7th in the 11 year old girls and Owen 11th in the 11 year old boys. The times that these students ran was incredible and demonstrates how high the standard on the day was. Alice ran 3km in 13:42 and Owen ran 3km in 12:22.
We wish Alice and Owen the best of luck at the Regional level.


Well done to the students who competed in Bellaire Athletics Carnival last Wednesday. Although the weather wasn’t on our side, the students had a wonderful time competing in the track and field events.
I would like to thank all the Year 3-6 staff for stepping up and being brilliant event co-ordinators on the day. I also want to thank the amazing parent helpers who gave up their time to support the running of the day. Without your help, this day isn’t possible – so thank you!

I will be in touch with students who will progress to the District level, which will be held on Friday 29th of July.


There are so many important skills children learn from LEGO and all they need to do is play!

We have our very own LEGO MASTERS in OSHC!!!!

The students get to decide a NEW topic each day. The use of LEGO can give the children a sense of accomplishment when they have finished their amazing work of art. It’s so easy for LEGO building to turn to a time of imaginary bliss with adventures, portraits, rainbows, animals, and mini cities – just like the one we are completing now in OSHC. All the children have contributed to the LEGO city allowing them to feel they are connected within and contributed to the program. They are actively participating while developing important skillsets such as fine motor, imagination, cooperative play, persistence, and problem solving.

MYTOP Learning Outcome 2: Children are connected and contribute to their world

Hours OSHC operation

  •  Before School Care: 7.30am – 8.50am
  • After School Care: 3:30pm ‐ 6:00pm. Late fees will incur after this time.
  • Pupil Free day / Curriculum Day: 7.30 -6.00pm

Parents please note: The program is not licensed before 7.30 AM OR after 6.00pm


Fee Structure:

  • Before School Care (includes breakfast) $11
  • After School Care (includes afternoon tea) $16
  • Pupil-free Day             Full Day 7.30 am – 6pm $55
  • Late pick up after closing time (6pm) $1 per child for every minute or part
  • Non-cancellation of booking: Full session fee applies, as the program is staffed based on theanticipated bookings for that
  • Notification of fee changes will be made in writing to the OSHC
  • Fees are charged for the whole session booked regardless of the number of hours used and forabsences where no cancellation has been

Fees are subject to change depending on economic factors. Further details of Fee Policy are available inthe OSHC Policy Manual in the OSHC Office.

Payment of Fees

Invoices are emailed out each Friday. Payment may be made by Cash, Credit card at the school office or QKR! App.  (Please note the QKR! does not display the amount owed – this will need to be added by parent via invoiced amount)

Out of School Care – OSHC – Increase in Service Fees

Our OSHC Service Fees are reviewed regularly, and were last increased in February 2019.  As part of the review, our Service Fees will be increasing effective from Term 3, 2022 commencing Monday 11th Jul 2022.  This increase was approved at our School Council meeting in March 2022

Please find below our new rates

A reminder that CCS Fee Subsidies are available from Centrelink for eligible families. Families should check the website https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/how-to-claim-child-care-subsidy to determine their eligibility.  It is the family’s responsibility to ensure all enrolment information, including parent and child(ren)’s CRN details, are correct to allow Centrelink to match records and process the subsidy.  Statements are issued weekly on Fridays, with account payment in full required by the following Thursday.  Outstanding accounts may be referred to the Principal and/or School Council for further action. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please contact the Business Manager, Kate Dangerfield, on 5243 5203 for a confidential discussion of payment arrangements.

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Students of the Week – Week 4


  • PDJ Noah B

  • PHP Finn D

  • PMF Willa C

  • PTM Ivy P


  • 1HM Eadie K

  • 1KE Hassan A

  • 1KO Max R

  • 1LS Rey H

  • 1TS Albie H

  • 2CB Lucius A

  • 2SK Tarli D

  • 2JB Archie G

  • 2GN Rosy C


  • 3AW June B

  • 3MM Harry E

  • 3LD Pierce O

  • 3JL Bella S

  • 4AT Madison C

  • 4KR Eva H

  • 4JG Jack K

  • 4TC Emily H


  • 5DP Oliver S

  • 5ED Patrick F

  • 5LR Grace D

  • 5GM Ryder J

  • 6JB Alexander M

  • 6DD Elise R

  • 6ZP Eve M

Students of the Week – Week 5


  • PDJ Grace D

  • PHP Akshar P

  • PMF Matilda F

  • PTM Hazel B


  • 1HM Levi  M

  • 1KE Emilia M

  • 1KO Emma M

  • 1LS Baxter S

  • 1TS Hannah P

  • 2CB Harper D

  • 2SK Arthur M

  • 2JB Emma T

  • 2GN Hope V


  • 3AW Hudson G

  • 3MM Owen L

  • 3LD Mitch W

  • 3JL Harriett

  • 4AT Hunter W

  • 4KR Archie S

  • 4JG Sophie M

  • 4TC Baylen D


  • 5DP Finn A

  • 5ED Charlie J

  • 5LR Kiani S

  • 5GM Pearl S

  • 6JB Olivia V

  • 6DD Zoe R

  • 6ZP Lachlan W