A Message From The Principal

What a fortnight it has been! This week our Year 4 students got to go to their camp, and from all reports, had an amazing time.

Just a reminder:

  • Term 1 finishes next Friday 8th April at 2.30pm.
  • Term 2 begins on Tuesday 26th April (no school on Monday 25th – ANZAC Day Public Holiday)

Learning Reflections 

This term our students have been uploading Learning Reflections. We have been working to ensure these learning reflections are authentic and a true representation of learning achieved by your child. We hope you have been enjoying viewing these through your child’s Seesaw Learning Journal.

2022 Curriculum Contribution Payments

Last year families were provided with information regarding the 2022 Curriculum Contributions.
Thank you to all families that have made a financial contribution to the school this year.
These voluntary financial contributions allow us as a school to continue to provide quality learning experiences and the best possible education and support for our students. We design, develop and implement teaching and learning programs that draw on the best educational knowledge and practices. We strive to offer broad and enriched opportunities to our students that are above and beyond what is required in the standard curriculum and what is provided for by Government funding.
The School Council met recently to discuss and monitor the budget. To date we have received 62% of our curriculum contribution budget.
There are several ways you can make a voluntary contribution this year; The Qkr app, EFTPOS or cash. Again, we greatly appreciate the financial assistance we receive from our families and thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions please feel free to email, call or drop into the office.

Year 4 Camp 

From all accounts, our Grade 4’s had a fabulous time at camp.  Please click on the link below to see some of the highlights!

Year 4 Camp Highlights

Morning Routine

We want to take this opportunity in today’s newsletter to outline some of the slight differences to the morning routines that occur in different Learning Communities. Different communities (and teachers) do different things, depending on the needs of their students (and also individual students). Prep teachers open their classrooms at 8.55am – just when the music is about to start, which signals to students to begin their morning routine which includes putting their bags away, putting drink bottles on table, putting reading satchels away, etc.

Our Year 1 and 2 teachers encourage a bit more independence with their students. They open their classrooms from 8.45am and encourage students to put their bags away, change their readers and then head straight back outside. Our Year 3-6 teachers encourage students from 8.45am to put their bags away and their iPads safely in the classroom before heading straight back outside.

Although all communities have slightly different morning routines, teachers will be available in their classrooms from 8:45am.

Cross Country

The Year 3-6 Cross Country will be held next Thursday (7th April) from 9:30am at McDonald Reserve. Parents are invited to attend the event and support their children. Students will run in their age groups; the age they are turning this year determines their age group. We will commence with the 9/10 year old age group (2km), working our way through the 11 year old age group (3km) and 12/13 year old age group (3km) to conclude the morning. Given the variable timing of the event, a specific time for when your child will be running cannot be provided. Students are reminded they need to bring their wide brimmed hat to wear whilst not running and a water bottle. Students are also asked to come dressed in their house colours. We are looking forward to having a wonderful day!

Scott Canny PE Department.

Shout Out

This week our shout out goes to the staff and parents who attended camp this week. The staff members have families of their own – who have to continue organising care for / coordinating after-school activities for / etc – whilst they are away from their loved ones. We are extremely lucky at Bellaire to have staff who look forward to attending camp with the students and make it a memorable experience for all. A huge thank you to Mr Thomas, Mrs Georgiadis, Miss Russell, Miss Crompton, Mr Normington, Mrs Forssman, Brendan Davy, Tara McDonald, Darcy, Emilie and Amaya.

Remember, if you have an appreciation for someone in our school community please email it to the school email address (bellaire.ps@education.vic.gov.au) and we will include it in our next newsletter.

Ben Raidme

Assistant Principal

Whole School News

Canteen News

To our new parents on the last Canteen day of each term the canteen runs a special morning/tea & lunch day.

Our normal menu will not be available on Friday 8 April. All orders need to be placed through the special menu (there are separate ones for morning tea & lunch ) for  Friday 8 April via QKR .

Cut off for orders are 9a.m on Tuesday 5 April. Strictly no late orders can be taken due to pre-ordering requirements.


Is now available on QKR to order from.


Cadbury Freddo Icecreams $2 & Lifesaver Icepoles $1.50 will be available at lunchtime for collection.

Please remember to bring your yellow highlighted lunch bag to the canteen in exchange for your frozen item.

The canteen will reopen Term 2 on Wednesday 27 April 2022.

Jenny Page

Canteen Manager

Lost Property

Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

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Community News

South Barwon Auskick


TERM 1 Wrap up @ OSHC 2022

What a fantastic start to the year at OSHC. We have been able to offer an enjoyable, dynamic, and valuable play-based learning environment to all our new and existing students.

Attending OSHC for the first time can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for children, particularly if they are also settling into school for the first time. However, our OSHC service can provide new children and their families with reassurance, stability, new friendships, and strong relationships that can contribute positively to smooth transitions into both OSHC and school. Strong relationships create positive short- and long-term outcomes for children and support success in their new environments. To support new children and families beginning OSHC it is important to communicate and work with families and the school community.

This year so far, we have focused on our students having a ‘strong sense of identity’ (MYTOP L/O1) by facilitating activities such as our ‘About Me’ buntings, OSHC birthday Cactus wall, Lego masters, personal portfolios and our OSHC 2022 picture frames; all in which are displayed around the room for students to enjoy. Our educators work closely with the children each week to work on a structured program based on the children’s interests and needs.

Our program is based on having leisure and fun combined, where children can choose to be as active as they want to be in them after school. Play and leisure are vital ingredients for a healthy, happy childhood. Just having fun Our program can look hectic and busy however the children are totally engaged and are active learners. We encourage children to have a say in how their environment is set up. This year we have also introduced our new art and craft area ‘OSHC 2.0’; this space has allowed our students to focus on their creativity as well as providing a space for quiet activities and wellbeing. We look forward to continuing with our program in Term 2 and we wish all our OSHC families and students a safe and happy holiday break.

Students of the Week – Week 9


  • PDJ Frida J

  • PHP Asher A

  • PMF Isla N

  • PTM Gurjapman K


  • 1HM Claire M

  • 1KE Hayden M

  • 1KO Remi B

  • 1LS Isla C

  • 1TS Patrick W

  • 2CB Zara H

  • 2SK Paige S

  • 2JB Esme B

  • 2GN Moksh P


  • 3AW Tim N

  • 3MM Will A

  • 3LD Hayley P

  • 3JL Angad V

  • 4AT Tess B

  • 4KR Mahler D

  • 4JG Ethan D

  • 4TC Aubrey T


  • 5DP Lana F

  • 5ED Poppy M

  • 5LR Jack JT

  • 5GM Layla E

  • 6JB Neve N

  • 6DD Manha JS

  • 6ZP Jackson C

Students of the Week – Week 10


  • PDJ Hazel P

  • PHP Stevie H

  • PMF Tom M

  • PTM Jack E


  • 1HM Alyssa H

  • 1KE Stella S

  • 1KO Liam P

  • 1LS Ilya K

  • 1TS Braxton D

  • 2CB Flynn T

  • 2SK Isla S

  • 2JB Levi Mc

  • 2GN Raff M


  • 3AW Ena V

  • 3MM Isla R

  • 3LD Freya C

  • 3JL Sinbone R

  • 4AT Noah R

  • 4KR Summer C

  • 4JG Ruby T

  • 4TC Milene V


  • 5DP Harvi C

  • 5ED Noah A

  • 5LR Layla R

  • 5GM Oliver D

  • 6JB Ben J

  • 6DD Maddie W

  • 6ZP India S