A Message From The Principal

It has been a busy few weeks at Bellaire!


Homework expectations throughout the school will differ. The similarity throughout the school is that we ask at every year level students read a book at least five nights a week.

We understand that homework can be difficult to complete with other activities to fit in. Homework will only be given when relevant and to assist in the learning in the classroom.


The types of homework that teachers at Bellaire Primary will include are:

  • Completing consolidation exercises for mathematics
  • Completing science investigation exercises
  • Making or designing an artwork
  • Practising and playing musical instruments
  • Practising spelling words
  • Practising sports skills
  • Practising words/phrases learnt in a language other than English
  • Reading background material for a subject
  • Reading English texts prior to class discussion
  • Reading for pleasure
  • Researching topics associated with set class work
  • Revising/preparing for tests
  • Applying new skills to home context such as:

○ Planning and cooking food, including following a recipe

○ Helping to plan a day trip or holiday, including timings, directions and costs

○ Growing plants

○ Reviewing their favourite film or book

○ Writing a diary entry

  • Engaging with parents in learning activities such as:

○ Rehearsing a presentation with parent/carers, and seeking their feedback

○ Interviewing a family member as  part  of  a  research project.


This year we have introduced a new spelling tool to our teachers and students. This complements and strengthens our current use of the THRASS chart as a tool in the classroom. The feedback from our students and teachers is overwhelmingly positive. Teachers may send home photos of the words or sentences containing the words via Seesaw. This does not automatically mean we would like you to ‘test’ your students or practise them each night. This is for your information only. If the teacher requires the words to be worked on at home, it will be specifically stated.

We are excited about this new tool and how it will assist our students.


Unfortunately, we have been having some damage and destructive behaviour happening on the school grounds over the weekends. It is extremely disappointing. We urge our everyone to please be vigilant if you leave around the school or visit the school to use grounds that you keep your eyes peeled and call the police if required. Last weekend we had people turn on taps and leave them running, which led to flooding, as well as the bike racks put on the front school ramp and in drink troughs. We would hat to get to the point of having to lock all school access over the weekends and after school, as we had to during Covid lockdowns, however if this destruction continues, we will need to implement this measure again.


We are seeing A LOT of rubbish around the yard. As much as we can we ask that students do not take rubbish out in the yard. We ask that you support us by sending as little packaging as possible in their lunch boxes, we know this is not always possible and completely understand that,  but we ask for your support with speaking to your child around the rubbish in the yard.


This week Mr Raidme and Vinnie and myself and Link undertook three days of Therapy Dog training in Melbourne with the Lead the Way institute. Vinnie was a superstar and Link continues to improve. Mr Raidme and I have a lot to work on and practise with Vinnie and Link respectively before they have an exam in June as Therapy Dogs need to be extremely well trained and obedient. At assembly today we discussed some things we have learnt and talked about ways in which we need to interact with Vinnie and Link when around the school. Some of which being –

  • Only two students at a time patting the dogs so they don’t get overwhelmed
  • Putting them on their backs, not their faces
  • Not staring at them in the eyes

SPORTS UPDATE – celebrating our students

Charlotte M (4TC) competed at the Victorian Lifesaving Championships last weekend in Lorne. Charlotte won gold in under 9 beach relay, silver in under 9 wade relay, bronze in under 9 surf teams and bronze in under 9 board relay.

Charlotte’s club Anglesea came second overall. Congratulations Charlotte on your amazing achievement!


Daily attendance is important for all children and young people to succeed in education and to ensure they do not fall behind both socially and developmentally. Both schools and parents have an important role to play in supporting students to attend school every day and to be at school on time and ready to learn.

Our school attendance data is typically very strong, although staff have reported students arriving late to school and in some cases, this is becoming a pattern. When students arrive late, they miss important introductions to the school day, impacting on how they settle into the routines of school and further impacting socially and academically. Our students are committed to attending school every day, arriving on time, and are prepared to learn. Our students are encouraged to approach a teacher and seek assistance if there are any issues that are affecting their attendance or lateness in the mornings. If you would like to speak to someone regarding your child’s attendance or lateness, we are here to help. Please contact the school office on 5243 5203.

We are also noticing a lot of students being picked up early. We understand that at times this can not be helped.  We ask that if you need to pick up your child/ren early you do so at lunchtime (during lunch eating time 1.30-1.45pm). It is extremely disruptive to our classes if you arrive to pick up your child during learning time. It is also difficult to find them if it is during lunch play. We understand that at times individual arrangements have been made with the teachers and sometimes these appointments can not be helped, we just ask that you assist us with easy collection of your child if required.

PLEASE NOTE – our school grounds are NOT SUPERVISED until 8.45am. We have a number of students arriving early (from as early as 8.20am). If your child needs to be dropped off at school early, please use our OSHC service. This service is run by our School Council and is a very affordable and safe option. We cannot guarantee any child’s safety prior to supervision beginning. In the same regard, if you are going to be after 3.45pm for pick up please use our OSHC service. The yard is only supervised until 3.45pm. We will never leave students unsupervised but will take them to the office at 3.45pm and call the parents.

Suzanne Prendergast


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Students of the Week – Week 5


  • PDJ Bowie H

  • PHP Hazel K

  • PMF Anna C

  • PTM Wren C


  • 1HM Max M

  • 1KE Taitum W

  • 1KO Miles G

  • 1LS Arlo W

  • 1TS Hugo T

  • 2CB Reef O

  • 2SK Anna M

  • 2JB Jasmine D

  • 2GN Tessa H


  • 3AW Aara P

  • 3MM Leo  L-B

  • 3LD Bloom C

  • 3JL Finn D

  • 4AT Elli C

  • 4KR Lilly E

  • 4JG Isabella C

  • 4TC Angus J


  • 5DP Miller J

  • 5ED Bianca C

  • 5LR Yusef A

  • 5GM Dylan M

  • 6JB Chloe Z

  • 6DD Ryder F

  • 6ZP Marley O

Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PDJ Bowie H

  • PHP Baran H

  • PMF Xavier M

  • PTM Tobias F


  • 1HM Atenea V

  • 1KE Billie B

  • 1KO Khya E

  • 1LS Hannah K

  • 1TS Ariana K

  • 2CB Belle H

  • 2SK Ollie S

  • 2JB Cooper C

  • 2GN Samuel T


  • 3AW Tom C

  • 3MM Greg A

  • 3LD Lowan C

  • 3JL Keira W

  • 4AT Sunky C

  • 4KR Charlotte C

  • 4JG Mike L

  • 4TC Pania R


  • 5DP Isla W

  • 5ED Zeeshan A

  • 5LR Rainky C

  • 5GM Cleo W

  • 6JB Lara J

  • 6DD Sei N

  • 6ZP Milan B