A Message From The Principal


As everyone knows there are more changes that come into effect on MONDAY 1st NOVEMBER. Below we will outline some of the key changes that will impact the Bellaire Community OR things that will remain the same.

  • FACE MASKS – are still required to be worn inside by year 3 – 6 students and staff / visitors into the school building. Face masks are not required to be worn outdoors.
  • COVID SAFE CLEANING remains in place.
  • VISITORS ON THE SCHOOL GROUNDS – parents are able to enter the school grounds to drop off and pick up their child/ren.
  • VISITORS TO THE SCHOOL – PARENTS NEEDING TO DROP THINGS OFFVisitors are permitted to enter the office area after using the QR code to sign in. We ask parents do not enter the school buildings without a pre-organised meeting as density limits still apply (all visitors to the school must enter via the school office).
  • ASSEMBLY – an outside assembly can take place.


The Junior School Council are super excited to announce they will be selling ‘Zooper Doopers’ every Tuesday and Thursday for the next three weeks at lunchtime. Each one will cost 50c and we have a limit of one per student per day. We are using the money raised from this to buy items for our soon to be announced END OF YEAR RAFFLE for students.

All funds raised from the End of Year Raffle will go to the State Schools Relief Fund, a not-for-profit charity that helps to ensure every young person can participate in education with the same dignity and pride as their peers. Last year alone they have purchased over 100,000 uniforms for those that can’t afford them.

STUDENTS BRINGING BELONGINGS TO SCHOOL – including Pokémon Cards, Bey Blades

We love to see students enjoying playing at recess and lunch. Lately there have been a few issues with ‘trading’ of cards or Bey Blades. Students are welcome to bring these to school, however they are bought to school at the students own risk and we ask that these are not traded.


Over the past week we have had a number of students leaving early for different reasons. We know it is not always possible to make appointments out of school time however we ask that if you need to collect your child you arrange to do this during a recess (11-11.30am) or lunch break (1.30-1.45pm eating inside, 1.45-2.30pm playtime) to minimize interruption. Thank you for your support with this.

Suzanne Prendergast


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