A Message From The Principal

Congratulations to all Bellaire Primary School families on the seamless transition into remote learning and thankfully, our return to face to face learning at school.

I greatly appreciate the support and feedback from families over the last week and I am incredibly proud of our teachers and support staff who have all assisted remotely and with on-site supervision here at school. Thank you also to the fantastic response to our remote learning surveys (results linked in the image to the right). This has also been sent as an email on Sentral.

Congratulations to all students on their active and engaged participation in learning over the last week both independently and with parent support. There has been many wonderful pieces of work uploaded to Seesaw from all areas of the school.


Our school will continue to limit non-essential visitors inside school premises.

All Visitors to school grounds must comply with physical distancing and face mask requirements set, and practise good hand hygiene.

The density limit of 1 person per 4 square metres should be applied to any spaces and activities being attended by parent/carers and other visitors. The density limit applies to all persons in the space, including students. Parents are able to access the office if required but must ensure masks are worn, hands are sanitised and the QR code is completed.

For this reason, our school Assemblies will be held virtually until further notice.


Thank you to everyone for the wonderful drop off process this morning.  We will continue to ask parents to remain outside the school gates for drop off and pick up. School Leadership will continue to supervise the three entrances to the school at drop off and pick up times.

PLEASE NOTE – the gates will be locked when the bell rings. If a student arrives after 9am they must enter the school via the office and collect a late pass. This is particularly important if you normally drop your child off at the back gate. From the back gate we are able to see down the walk way and if a child is still walking up we will remain at the gate. However, if we can not see any students when the bell has gone the gate will be locked.


Face masks must be carried at all times and are required to be worn outdoors at school where physical distancing of 1.5m cannot be maintained. Children under 12 years of age and students at primary school are not required to wear face masks when at school, or when attending an OHSC program. Face masks are mandatory for all school staff and school students aged 12 or older when travelling to and from school


The on-site uniform shop will be closed until further notice. The uniform shop in town is open for collection of orders or any other uniform needs.


We are excited that our Middles will still be able to attend camp! Year 3 parents – medical notes will be sent home today. With some uncertainty around camp we understand hesitation with camp payments. We have a number of outstanding camp payments. We ask that you contact the office to pay or organise a payment plan as soon as possible.

AEDC – Australian Early Development Census  (Prep Students Only)

As previously communicated to families,  over the next two weeks our Prep teachers will be submitting data onto the AEDC website


Our students had a wonderful time connecting with students in other classes during Education week. The whole school participated in a lunch time activity as well as our Preps and their Year 6 buddies spending some precious time together.


National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to reflect on our shared histories and relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and explore how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation. The week is framed by the anniversaries of two significant milestones in our reconciliation journey – the successful 1967 Referendum (27 May) and the High Court Mabo decision (3 June). The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2021 is ‘More than a word. Reconciliation takes action’.

Over the last week we acknowledge Reconciliation Week. Our students participated in activities provided to us by the Department of Education.

Thank you to all of our wonderful Bellaire Primary School families for your support over the last week.

Suzanne Prendergast


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Scholastic Book Club

Orders for Scholastic Book Club, Issue 4, 2021 close on Friday, June 11.

Students of the Week – Week 6


  • PDJ Kade S

  • PHP Mia T

  • PMF Remi B

  • PSK Ruby K

  • PTM Oscar J


  • 1HM Hazel K

  • 1KE Sam T

  • 1KO Seraphin M

  • 1LS Ruby K

  • 2CB Mikaylah H

  • 2CH Lowan C

  • 2JB Jace A

  • 2JG Rose L


  • 3AF Noah R

  • 3JA Esme D

  • 3LD Jack H

  • 3TS Emily H

  • 4AW Miami G

  • 4KR Ava T

  • 4ML Amy M

  • 4TC Connor D


  • 5AT Gemma B

  • 5ED Danique E

  • 5LR Ben J

  • 6AG Lachie O

  • 6DD Wes A

  • 6DP Maks C

Students of the Week – Week 7


  • PDJ Eloise K

  • PHP Romy C

  • PMF William L

  • PSK Hunter L

  • PTM Violet B


  • 1HM Piper L

  • 1KE Paige S

  • 1KO  Fletch F

  • 1LS Esme B

  • 2CB Tom C

  • 2CH Logan L

  • 2JB Madelin K

  • 2JG Cyrus B


  • 3AF Isabel E

  • 3JA Amy B

  • 3LD Kitty B

  • 3TS Clara D

  • 4AW Malin S

  • 4KR Madeline E

  • 4ML Poppy M

  • 4TC Sara E


  • 5AT Ezra P

  • 5ED Ben S

  • 5LR Maddie W

  • 6AG Steph B

  • 6DD Cillian O’B

  • 6DP Eliza G