A Message From The Principal

Well, what a week we have had. We all survived the ‘snap lockdown’ and are happy to be back at school. Due to the timing of the lockdown announcement we wanted to ensure that everyone’s well-being was the focus. I personally found this lockdown much harder than the longer ones from last year – maybe I was having ‘flash backs’! All of our team leaders shared work that our students could complete during this time and we appreciate the support from our community. The weather was a lot nicer than last year and I hope that everyone has enjoyed the sunshine this week.

  • ‘Meet and Greet’ – as per the message last week we have moved our ‘Meet and Greet’ session to THIS WEDNESDAY (Wednesday 24th Feb). All the times booked for the 17th Feb have been transferred to this week. The teachers are looking forward to welcoming parents into their classrooms. Please don’t forget your masks! Please remember these are short, 10min sessions based on ensuring that teachers and parents have a wonderful discussion about your child, this is not a session to discuss their academic achievement at this time. If you are going to require more time please make another time with your teacher. These meetings will be held in CLASSROOMS. We ask parents to wait OUTSIDE the building and the teacher will come outside and collect you. You will also be required to sign in via QR code to ensure we are following Covid-Safe practices.
  • PREP 2022 TOURS – the snap lockdown has impacted our Prep 2022 Tours. We will set new times for tours. We have some booked in for next week but we will make other times before the end of the term and let the kindergartens in our local area know these times.
  • MRS BUDZIENNY – Today is Mrs Budzienny’s last day before the birth of her first child. We wish her all the very best.
  • SCHOOL COUNCIL MEETING – We have moved our School Council meeting to this Wednesday 24th Feb. We will share an update of the meeting in the next newsletter and we will be sharing information regarding the upcoming school council elections next month.
  • BUILDING WORKS UPDATE – We are excited to announce that at the start of March we will be appointing an architect for our capital works project. We will make this announcement after the appointment.
  • CHEWING GUM –  We ask that chewing gum is not consumed at school. We have noticed a number of students have been chewing at school and we ask for your support in ensuring there is no chewing gum at school (it can be messy and also dangerous if a child is knocked and swallows it and it may get stuck).
  • GATES – Please note our gates do not open until 8.40am and our grounds are not supervised until 8.45am. We have noticed a number of students arriving early. We have before school care available if you need to drop off your child earlier.

Suzanne Prendergast


Virtual Assembly

Students of the Week


  • PDJ Emilia M

  • PHP Millie E

  • PMF Isla C

  • PSK Eadie K

  • PTM Sukith K


  • 1HM Willa R

  • 1KE Luke C

  • 1KO Grace G

  • 1LS Leroy R

  • 2CB Eibhe K

  • 2CH Alfie G

  • 2JB Kai R

  • 2JG Will A


  • 3AF Jack T

  • 3JA Jojo K

  • 3LD Madison C

  • 3TS Liam S

  • 4AW Harrison M

  • 4KR Mienna O

  • 4ML Elliott S

  • 4TC Owen G


  • 5AT Pearl T

  • 5ED Theo S

  • 5LR Ella P

  • 6AG Keiran W

  • 6DD Cassie D

  • 6DP Sienna C

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A reminder to families to please keep library books away from food and drink (and new puppies)!  This is especially important when library books are in school bags, as I have recently had several books returned with water damage from leaking drink bottles in school bags.  These books then need to be thrown away, and other students miss out on reading them.

Thank you!  Mrs Thomas

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