We are continuing to communicate with you as soon as we get updated advice from the Department of Education during this time of uncertainty in Victoria.

We communicated yesterday regarding eligibility for Remote Learning. Please understand the letter was written to explicitly explain the difference between Remote Learning during this time when we are onsite, and general absence due to sickness.

In this time when people are not following Government guidelines, we, in support of the constant Government messages and reminders, encourage our community to be tested and remain at home whilst awaiting the results.

In the communications sent home we stated that Remote Learning would not be provided for students while waiting for a Covid-19 test result. This was because waiting for the test result is only a short-term absence and in most cases because the child is unwell. In this case, if the child began to feel better but you were still waiting for results the online resources we have provided previously could be used. We would also encourage reading, doing a recount of the book to practise writing skills and general maths discussions and experiences like cooking or playing cards and board games. Throughout the next few weeks, we will continue to share ideas and resources that could be utilised during a short-term absence. As you are aware every situation is different and we will work with families to ensure every child is supported.

The Victorian Chief Health Officer’s advice is that schools continue to be safe places to learn and work and that schools across rural and regional Victoria – thankfully including ours, are able to continue operating as normal.

It is worth noting than schools in metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire have moved to remote learning for years Prep-10 to avoid more than 700,000 students
and their families moving around that area, rather than because schools are unsafe.

As you may be aware, some schools in our region have been closed due to confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). However, the health advice is that unless otherwise directed, schools can continue to operate while observing health measures recommended by the Victorian Chief Health Officer.

This includes implementing a range of measures to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in school settings, including social distancing for adults and increased cleaning. The wearing of masks for children is not compulsory in regional and rural areas.

The Department of Education & Training and the Department of Health & Human Services have introduced comprehensive procedures to manage suspected or confirmed cases in schools. Where there is any risk to the health of students or staff they act quickly to manage it, including closing the school to allow for contract tracing or cleaning if required.

We understand this is a time of heightened anxiety, but please be assured that our school is taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff.

If you would like health information from the Department of Health and Human Services, you can visit

Thank you again for your continuing support.

Parent Teacher Interviews

This week we have undertaken Parent / Teacher Interviews via WebEx in accordance with the Department of Education Guidelines. We thank everyone for their support and ability to accommodate the WebEx interviews.

Students Who Are Medically Vulnerable

Yesterday I sent out information regarding students who are medically vulnerable. Please contact the school if you have any questions.

School Council

Wednesday night we held our School Council meeting via WebEx. I thank all the School Councillors for their time. The School Council are currently working on a grant to support the development of the terrace area at school. This is a very exciting prospect and we look forward to (hopefully) sharing a positive outcome and exciting plans with the Bellaire Community later in the year.

South Valley Road School Crossing

As most of you are aware there have been on-going concerns with the South Valley Road crossing. I would like to thank a number of parents and our School Council in the support of lobbying the Geelong City Council and VicRoads. If you would like to support this lobbying, we ask you to contact Vic Roads and the Geelong City Council with your concerns and support to see a change. Alternatively, please send your concerns to the School email and we can gather these and forward them on. Please take care when using the crossing.

Student Medication Return

An important reminder as students return to school. If you took your child’s medication home at the end of Term 1, please return it with your child ASAP. It can be handed to your child’s teacher or brought to the office before school.

Snack & Lunch Items

A reminder to parents packing snack and lunch to be allergy aware. We have a number of students with potentially life-threatening allergies to a variety of foods including nuts (including Nutella, a hazelnut product), and egg among other items. Please remind your child not to share food, and to wash their hands well after eating.


The canteen menu for Mondays and Fridays is now available on QKR. Orders close at 9am on the canteen day, and can only be placed via the QKR App. Term 3 will again run on a limited menu, and additional items for Mondays only during Term 3 have been added to the menu.

Uniform Shop

Bellaire’s on-site uniform shop will remain closed for the remainder of term 3. Beleza’s Geelong store, at 135 Ryrie Street, will be open Weekdays from 10am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 1pm.

Overdue Library Books

A reminder to families to check for Bellaire Library Books at home. There are over 700 overdue library books, most dating from Term 1. Please check your bookshelves, under beds and couches and anywhere else books like to hide, and return them to school as soon as possible. Mrs Thomas is in the library every recess to check in returned library books and loan new ones if required. If you have lost a library book, please replace it with another copy or a similar book, or a book in excellent condition from your bookshelf. Please contact Mrs Thomas in the Office/Library if you have any questions. Thank you!

Suzanne Prendergast