New School / Refurbishment Build

We are excited to be able to share with our community the draft plans for our new school build / refurbish. It seems to have been a long time coming, with many delays to the process for various reasons.

Please view the You Tube video which shows a ‘fly through’ of what the new build would look like and a copy of two plans. One plan is what we will be hoping to achieve with this build, a refurbishment of ‘Block B’, which is our current Year 1 and 2 area, and the new build. The new build will be built on the current staff gravel car park, where the canteen currently is (don’t worry, we have a plan in place for that!) and the blue basketball court. We also have a plan for the shade structure – we are hoping to get confirmation from the Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA) within days so we can begin landscaping works down on our current terrace and old tennis court to ensure we have a new, updated space available for students to use – watch this space! The new build includes new toilets, a new staff room and eight learning spaces as well as a refurbishment of our current Year 1 and 2 building.

The second plan is the school Master Plan. This includes what we hope we will get funding for after these works are complete. A school gym, including a canteen space and an art / STEAM space and a refurbish of the administration area and what will become the new Prep learning space.

At this point in time, things may change, we anticipate the build beginning during the Term 3 school holidays. We will be sending home more information regarding the upcoming build as we receive it next term. Watch this space!